On the far end of the beach, lay a pile of big and small rocks. On a ? stone slab, beautiful in gray with streaks of black and white, she lit a cigarette using a match stick and only half-burned the tip. I never could get it right, she thought shaking her head. She laid on the slab, resting her head on a black and yellow life vest, her left hand holding a cigarette stick and the other resting lightly on her abdomen. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out deeply. The stones were on the shaded part of the beach, shielded by a forested cliff rising towards the sky, shielded from the bright burning setting sun. Every now and then, a bird would fly out of the dense forest, and a shrill cry from an unidentified animal would echo through. He came out of the pile of rocks, a few interesting bits and pieces of stones in hand. He saw her lying with her eyes closed, looking so peaceful, a slight smile on her lips, her long flowing black skirt splayed out on her legs and on the stone. He came to where she lay, and sat down next to her, gazing at her for a few minutes. Self-conscious, she opened her eyes and saw him watching her with a slow gentle fire burning in his eyes. She motioned for him to lie down beside her, and he does. Pushing his arms under her head, right where the nape of her neck rests, he re-positioned her small head on his big strong arms, and snuggled close to her. She rested her cheek on the side of his chest, her forehead inches away from his lips and let out a satisfied sigh. He kissed her ever so gently, first on the forehead, then the tip of her nose, and then the eyelids of her closed eyes. Breathing in a contented kind of purr, she raised up her face to his lips, she raised her lips to meet his. Slow kisses. Slow, gentle kisses. Moaning ever so gently, barely louder than a whisper, she opened her mouth and run her tongue lightly on his lower lip. He opened his and met her tongue, tasted each other, savored the taste and lingered. Burning kisses. Hot, burning kisses. He rolls her on top of him, her weight light on his chest, slightly heavier than the pillow he hugs when he sleeps in his own bed without her, not as soft but not as warm either. The feel of her skin on his compares to nothing. The smell of her skin and her hair compares to no one. And their love for each other compares to none.

She stopped, put a finger to his lips, and bit her own, her big brown twinkling eyes stared right into his. She smiled that smile he loves so much. She rolled over back to her side of the stone, twined her fingers with his and stared up at the sky again. Suddenly, she got up, gathered her skirt about her and ran towards the water, laughing. Her feet touching the water, she stopped, and gingerly put one foot into it, then followed by the other. She walked ever so slowly, careful not to slip, her fingers creeping up her legs as she hoisted her skirt higher and higher as the water got deeper Unable to take it anymore, she brought it up to her chest, looked back at him and laughed. “My mother used to walk around the house wearing her skirt like this,” she said laughing and almost shouting at him still sitting over by the stones and his eyes never leaving her. Finally, she took off her skirt, wriggling her head out of the top of it. She stood there half-way into the water, red swimsuit, holding a long black skirt in her hand and staring into the water. It was crystal clear, she could see the stones, her toes, and tiny multi-colored fish darting about. She leapt into the water and attempted to swim, but she could not see in the water clearly without her goggles and so she stood up. The skirt in her hand got in the way of swimming too so she decided to put it back on again, slipping it on top of her head and pulling it right down to her hips. The skirt fell into the water, and stayed there, swaying gently with the waves. She stared down into the water, mesmerized by the vividness of the small red flowers sewed into the cloth of her long black flowing skirt that used to be her mother’s. The swaying of the cloth against her lips felt like his tongue licking the length of her legs, the way he always does when they are making love. It thrilled her and she stayed like that, staring into the water and her red flowers on black. She suddenly remembered him and looked up, then laughed her little guilty girly laugh he loved so much. “Can you see your reflection on the water?” he asked. “No!” she shouts back guiltily laughing still. “My skirt is making love to me. Would you like to feel it too?” grinning mischievously. “You could try on my skirt if you like,” she added with a sly wink. Sitting still on the stone slab, he makes love to her body with his eyes.

The sky had begun to darken, the boatman said they had better get back. They climbed back into the boat, and they heard the sound of motor just as soon as the rain began to fall on the roof and on the water. It was foggy and dark. In the distance, the town could not be seen. The rain water mingled with the salt water spray and stung her face. In her wet swimsuit and her wet skirt, she felt cold. He instinctively slung his arm round her shoulder, enveloping her in his warmth. She snuggled close to him, ever grateful, ever welcoming. He glanced down at her to smile, and she beamed back – a little girl bundled in the arms of a man she had long began to love with all her little girl heart.

August 31st, 2005 at 6:31 pm