This weekend has been good; a lot of good quiet walks while the wind gently blew dried leaves down empty streets. I have not been going crazy just yet. Not yet anyway.

My dad came to see us Friday evening and ended up staying two nights. We made my brother who was out playing soccer at some tournament in the Sunken Garden come over to eat the sinigang that my father lovingly cooked for us for lunch –  just like in the old days when we were all kids ourselves and living under the roof of the house our parents built. He spent almost all of his time watching movies or news on TV and I wish I could have spent the nights watching movies with him just like in the old days too but the baby slept early and I had to sleep with her.

The first time Ryan left, back in May for almost two weeks in the States, she became a fussy baby. Very unlike her usual self. I had to bring her out to the garden a lot of times within the day to soothe her with the sounds of the chirping birds, crowing roosters and the sound of the coconut palm fronds swaying in the wind. My sister said it was probably because she was missing her father and that I should have made her father leave a piece of unwashed clothing that she could smell. This time around, I made sure there are a number of unwashed pieces of clothing for her to sniff. We sleep with her father’s clothes so she feels like he is with us. It’s been working the past two nights so far.

I have not been really lonely the past two days…