Just when I am into vintage-inspired dresses and all these cute little dresses and skirts, I just had to watch (500) Days of Summer – and the result is, I am all gaga. I am all gaga about the film’s theme, all gaga about the soundtrack, all gaga about the production design and cinematography – and definitely, definitely… all gaga about the clothes.

I just wanted to wear everything Summer was wearing. Hahaha!

And I just had to find this article:

‘500 Days Of Summer’: We Got The Inside Scoop On Zooey Deschanel’s Retro-Chic Style

And, if that fan wagon has anything to do with the utterly enchanting wardrobe Zooey Deschanel sports throughout the movie, then you’ve come to the right place! We caught up with the brain’s behind the operation, costume designer Hope Hanafin, for an exclusive interview about dressing Zooey’s hopelessly unromantic Summer — yes, we also noticed that she was always in shades of blue.


HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: What with was with the color blue when it came to Zooey’s character. That couldn’t have just been a coincidence, right?

HOPE HANAFIN: That was an instruction given to me by the director, Marc Webb. Zooey has the most amazing blue eyes, so he wanted her character to be in blue. So she wears it, but more importantly, nobody else does.

I remember when I used to do little acting stints for some shows in GMA Network. The costume designer had to tell us what color our clothes have to be. Like, “Ogie is wearing dark blue and Iza is wearing peach – so you Extra #1 should wear anything BUT blue and peach and you Extra #2 should wear anything BUT the color Extra #1 is wearing.” So on the very few occasions I watch local tv, I take note of the colors of the clothes each actor onscreen wears and found out that in some shows, nobody paid attention to that. I thought it was supposed to be some rule. Apparently it is not. I have more than once saw a particular scene where three of the actors onscreen (main, minor, extra) characters were all wearing green or black.


HC: So when you set out to start dressing her for the movie, were you only looking for blue fabrics and accessories?

HF: Absolutely. It was for her eyes, but it was also the romance from a male point of view. Even when you first see her, she has on a white shirt, but still has a blue butterfly. So it tracks all the way through. I just wanted there to be a way to make her stand out… The only other place blue is used is the dance sequence, after Tom’s first night with Summer. The whole world would turn into her, so that’s what everyone is in blue in that scene — the construction workers, the mailmen, the office workers. Everything becomes kind of a reflection of his love for her.

Sooooo… that is why! Hahaha! Oh I just love those little details. Everything around is blue! Even the little bird! So glad it was blue and not pink. If Zooey had violet (or lilac for that matter) eyes, I wouldn’t have minded either. Not even green. Hahaha. Thank God there are no pink eyes! Though I’m not saying I don’t like pink. Actually, pink becomes me. 🙂


HC: Did you go only vintage shopping for her?

HF: A lot of it is vintage, but there’s still plenty that’s not. Though I have great respect for these romantic comedies where secretaries are wearing Prada, I wanted [“500 Days”] to be kind of the anti-“Sex and the City.”

Incidentally, I just saw Sex and the City (The Movie) on HBO a few nights ago. No, I did not see it again. It was the first time I have ever seen the movie. I have never been a fan of the series either. I probably have seen a few episodes here and there but could never follow through with it because I just didn’t get any of the issues. None of it at all, ever. I thought it was very shallow. After seeing the movie, I still think it is shallow. No offense to some of my close friends who loved the show.

So there!

Vintage is all around me these days. These adorable little outfits really make me all giddy. 😀


Can't get enough of them posters

Don’t I just love that little dress! 😀