So far so good. In the week that has gone by, I think we have settled into a manageable routine. A good, healthy, happy routine if I may so myself.

In the morning, we take Lia out for a walk. Sometimes we take Ewok with us too. We have breakfast then, while Ryan prepares for work, I put Lia down for her nap. I do housework and other things for myself (like Mafia Wars, Cafe World, blogging, emails) while Lia naps for two to three hours. When she is up, we do things together, like wrapping presents or folding clothes. I give her her bath just in time for her second nap around lunch time or early in the afternoon. While she naps for another one to two hours (sometimes three!), I prepare myself for going out. I am dressed when Lia wakes up and it’s her turn to put shoes or a bonnet or a light jacket on. We then go for our afternoon out.

Saturday: Lia, my brother Melo and I went out for a walk around the village. Actually, it was just food shopping. Pancit at Johnny’s, pichi-pichi at Arny Dading’s, burgers, bread, chocolate mallows and a bottle of distilled water.

Sunday: an afternoon at SM Marikina with Lia’s Lolo and Lola (Ryan’s parents)

Monday: some time in Sta. Lucia Mall and SM Marikina, looking for an ink refilling station and cell phones

Tuesday: we went to meet Ryan out at work and on the way home, decided to stop by Toy Town and ended up buying more presents for Ryan’s godchildren

Wednesday: I took Lia shoe-shopping. Lia liked the shoe saleslady because she smiled at her. Lia almost never smiles when she is outside the house, at anyone. She just gets that serious expression and never ever smiles at anyone. The saleslady was a nice mother of two herself and she was a lot of help to the clueless first-time mom in me. I discovered that Lia’s feet is, contrary to what I thought, not fat and pudgy, but long and narrow, exactly like mine. And her shoe size is for a one-year old.

Thursday: A short trip back to Sta. Lucia to buy gift wrapping at National Bookstore.

Today: Ryan will take a half-day at work so we can do our packing and a little bit grocery-shopping for this weekend’s trip to Bohol.

I am not too keen on making a daily habit of going to the mall because that can be expensive. Like I only dropped by NBS to buy gift wrapping but ended up snatching few items for scrapbooking – that resulted in my bill jumping from the supposed P50 to P300. 😐

I have this urge to just take that tricycle all the way to Sta. Lucia, get in one door, get out the other door at the other end and get into a tricycle that will take us back home. I find the idea of strolling with Lia around the neighborhood morning and afternoon everyday excruciatingly boring. I have been taking driving lessons from Ryan every now and then this year, but that stopped after Ondoy. We still do not even have the car back yet to this day, two and a half months later.

Ryan now wants to enroll me in formal driving lessons, with “your practice is going to be picking me up from work everyday with Lia.” Honestly, that sounds good. 😉

Lia now sleeps at around nine in the evening, unlike the six thirty or seven when we still had our maid. Sure, Ryan gets to rest when he comes home from work at seven-thirty or eight but they do not get to spend time together. This week, we have dinner all together, play for a little bit (either before or after dinner whichever comes first) before changing Lia into her bedtime clothes and putting her to sleep. Ryan and I hang around for a bit doing a little bit of cleaning up and some TV watching while we chat in the quiet privacy of our home. I have not felt this peaceful in my home in months. This is how it used to be when it was just the three of us too, back in April, May and June. The house is quiet and I feel calm.

I do a lot of housework though… but doing housework makes me feel productive and my feeling of productivity makes me happy. Even if I am more tired, it is definitely worth it. I am glad to have my house back. More importantly, I am glad to have myself back. You can not imagine how difficult it was for me to not act like myself in my own home.

Now, if I could find a baby sitter to watch over the baby in the evenings, while she sleeps, so we can go out with friends every now and then, things would be just perfect.