I have been spending all my free time the past days processing and posting photos taken the past two weeks. There have been a lot of events and thus a lot of photos. Aside from that, I have also been busy taking care of the baby, feeding her three to five times a day in addition to the (supposed to be only) five bottles of formula and trying to make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs from various sources. Actually, this mad scramble to feed her more food is due largely to the fact that she could drink seven bottles – a total of forty-nine oz, which is NOT supposed to be. So, in order to prevent her from drinking too much milk, I try to feed her more solids and make her drink more water.

I have also been taking care of the house, doing the usual housework: cleaning, doing laundry, ironing, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning the garage and all sorts of other things of that nature.

Today I have been busy with cleaning up my hard disk. I will be getting a new laptop soon, or at least I hope so. I am trying to save for it. I hope to get something like this:

Which makes me think, should I sell my Bamboo Fun tablet when I get this?

My computer today told me I am running out of disk space on my Drive D, which supposedly is 65 GB, so I am transferring all of my Picture files to my 150 GB Western Digital portable hard disk. I have previously tried making DVD copies of all of my pictures, one disk for each event but in the end, I found that too tedious. I have to make at least two copies of the disks and then when I want to look at my photos, I have to find the disks. That is just too bothersome for those random moments when you are looking for a particular photo in a snap. I am thinking I will just have separate portable hard disks for just ‘Photos‘ for example then a separate portable hard disk for ‘Movies and Series‘ then a separate portable hard disk for all my ‘Music‘. Though of course if there is anything I would like to keep in my laptop’s hard disk, it would be my music.

After I am done cleaning up my hard disk, I will finally install my Bamboo Fun tablet. I am thinking though, should I even be installing this? Maybe I should sell it?

Since Ryan got the Canon Powershot camera and gave me the Nikon D80, the Olympus E-500 has not been put to use, so I already sold that. It almost broke my heart to let it go. I have grown to love it and we have been to so many places together. It was my first ever DSLR and my husband’s wedding gift to me. We originally got it for P42,000 in a shop in Quiapo back in November of 2006. I sold it for P10,000. I looked at the price of a brand-new one in Amazon and it has not changed at all. It still sells for almost $1,000. That almost made me not want to sell it for only P10,000 but Ryan told me the camera body has no value anymore and if I would be selling it, I would only be selling the lenses. And they are very good lenses.. Zuiko! I loved those lenses. But well, what am I gonna do? I am not one to hoard things in the house that I do not use anymore. I love throwing stuff out of the house. Hahaha. Anything that I see is not being used has to go! So I sold the Olympus and added the money to my laptop fund. I wonder what else I can sell…. 😐

Click on image to see more.

Click on image to see more.

Maybe I should work on my work clearance. I still have a month’s worth of salary to claim from that clearance. I could add that to my laptop fund too. If only I could find the energy to go to my old work place and see my old boss (who I absolutely abhor).

I have been really busy! I thought it was Tuesday yesterday and I thought it was the 5th too; but alas, today is already Thursday and I keep thinking I missed a day. I completely lost track of my days. I may be a plain old boring housewife, but still, days seem to fly by! Maybe I just don’t manage my time well enough? Gosh.

I keep saying my life would be considerably easier if I had better and faster internet, but well, maybe in time. Things always seem to work out somehow.. in time.