The moon, a big round pale yellow, is rising from behind the coconut trees in the horizon, just above and past the neighbor’s roof as I take a break from the day’s work. In a minute, I will take a shower, second today but this time shorter and quicker as showers are the only simple pleasures I take and can get out of this unrelenting heat. The past days can basically be characterized by flitting thoughts and nagging migraines. I have resorted to permanently wearing my eyeglasses in the credence that it is caused by my 20-100 myopic astigmatic vision and have developed an addiction to paracetamol. Though it may also be due to this blinding heat, the insufficiency of caffeine in my arteries, stress from the accumulated housework load or a combination of any two or what the heck, I will just stop speculating and admit that it is due to ALL of the aforementioned reasons.

As I was washing Lia’s laundry in the garage, I distinctly heard from the neighbor’s television set that all citizens of this country must conserve water and one of the suggested ways is taking less, or shorter, showers due to the El Nino phenomenon affecting the country today. I will pretend that I am not aware of such an advisory. Two pails of bath water everyday is not such a crime after all.

What is a crime is not having your pipes fixed when it is obvious that there is more than just one or two underground leaks as evidenced by monthly water meter readings ranging from 40 to 143 cu. m. for a household of two and a half people. Yes, landlady, you are committing a crime. Will someone tell me why I have to pay no less than P1,000 every month for water I supposedly consume when we do not even use the toilet’s water closet, I reuse the washing machine water for flushing and cleaning the bathroom and I use Lia’s used bath water for cleaning the garage? Must I state month after month that the average water consumption worldwide (whether first world or third world country citizen at that) is 3 cubic meters per month? Even if I bathe all day every day there is no way I will consume 40 cubic meters of water. Why is it that the landlady refuses to have the pipes fixed or exposed? Because exposed pipes look unpretty. (I miss you TLC). Damn, some people are just unbelievably petty.

In a month or two or preferably less, we will be moving out. My only hope is the Manila Water Company will do something about the filed complaint and pressure the landlady into doing something about these leaks. Forty (lowest so far in all of the past 13 months and we were even out of the city for half of that month) cubic meters is just a lot of water to waste. Dare I even make a comment about the 143? Shame on people like this.

The past days have been nothing but housework, housework, housework and keeping up with backlogs. I believe I even have “baby fatigue”, a.k.a. fatigue from taking care of a precocious nearly-eleven month old baby day in and day out. I love my daughter but these days, I am just. simply. overly. tired.

Maybe its really not the amount of housework left undone, maybe its this relentless heat. These days every time I have to go out into the garage, I have to wear my sunglasses. Is the sun really that bright or am I living in a cave? (Flashback to when the baby was a few weeks old and we were told she had jaundice – from not being exposed to enough sunlight.)

I do appreciate the quiet early evenings, when the baby has gone to sleep and the husband has not come home from work. It is my time for myself. It is the time to appreciate the simple pleasures of sitting on a chair, sipping a glass of ice cold dalandan juice and looking up at a humongous ball of yellow that is the sun of the night. Just another day in the life of a plain housewife, each day as boring as the next, each day more exciting as the one before.