My mom, wearing a fab knit hat despite the sweltering heat, came to visit yesterday. It was a present from her friend’s mom in the U.S. she said. My mom is looking good despite the absence of hair, or the presence of little ones sprouting all over her bald head, and her hat looked good on her. As I was preparing Lia for her afternoon walk, putting her shoes on and trying to tie her hair so that it doesn’t get into her eyes, my mom took out the feathered flower from her hat and clipped it onto my daughter’s hair. My daughter did not take it off.

I put her on the the pink and blue tricycle (that can be converted into a bicycle for when she is older) that she made us buy for her last Saturday in Megamall. A trike she loves so much that a few days ago, she insisted on taking her bath while she sat on it. A trike she loves so much but does not mind sharing with our dog Ewok as long as she gets to push it, just the way her Mama pushes it when she is the one sitting on it.

Yesterday, I decided it was fun if Lia and Ewok both sat on the chair – and they both loved it! I ran inside to get the Canon camera, as mine is still at the service center, but found that Ryan had brought it with him to work.  I got my mom’s digicam instead and took photos with it until it ran out of batteries after three shots.

The following photos were instead taken with my Nokia 5630.  The nice photos with Lia and Ewok both sitting on the tricycle are in my mom’s digicam.


The wind blew the feathers in her hair and she just had to wonder…
what is out there in the world yonder?

Lia with the feather in her hair
A look of love was in her eyes
Enough to melt her mother’s heart..

I love you and days like this, it seemed to say
And her mother thought, “Baby, I hope you will always look at me that way.”

Lia the tricycle driver
Ahh, the days pass us by in the blink of an eye…

And we all try our best to hold on to pictures and memories
For in the end, we will have nothing else but stories..