I have been dying to post these photos, as well as videos, but I have not had the time. I have been really busy coping with changes with work as well as Lia’s really fast development(!), not to mention getting used to my new Mac, so I have not had a lot of time to sort photos or post them.

I have yet to post the photos from last month. To tell the truth, I have yet to find the time to organize my folders and files in this Mac, and all of my files from my old laptop are still in my Western Digital portable hard disk. If (God forbid!) I lose that hard disk, I lose everything I have ever had.

These photos were taken March 19th, one Friday afternoon when we had our usual walk up and down the street. This time though, instead of hanging out with 16-month old Javi, Lia got to meet the older neighborhood clique.

Let me clarify that I did not take these photos. One of the girls was always holding the camera. Yup, they took turns. I just insisted that they wound the strap around their wrists at all times, just as a precaution for when and if they drop the camera.

They said, “Oh what a cute baby! Let’s make her sit on the sofa!” and then later on, “Let’s give her this baby to hold!”

Lia is normally a bully with all the other babies she thinks are her age, like 16-month old Javier and almost-two Gino and even three-year old Otep; but she went along with everything these girls said and made her do.

This had me saying, “Oh my, my baby has a baby!”

Of course they wanted to take photos of themselves. Lia didn’t mind being literally squeezed in the middle. In fact, I think she was still game for this photo op.

And one of them said, “Let’s all hold her! I’m gonna put her on my lap!”

I told them after about thirty minutes that we were going home, but they followed us to our gate and still took turns carrying Lia. I told them she is heavy but they didn’t seem to mind.

I do believe I’ve got a tolerant baby girl.. Either that or this expression was a silent plea for help.

I loved watching these kids at play. I love watching Lia interact with other kids. That’s also one of the reasons why I am very much looking forward to her birthday party where she will get to meet other and hopefully a lot more kids. I’m just hoping this party won’t be as stressful as I think it’s going to be, hah-hah-hah!