I don’t think I have had the chance to write about what happened to my Nikon D80 and I suppose I will write about it but on some other time. For now I will write about what happened to me when I borrowed my sister’s Nikon D40.

I had to shoot a friend’s wedding on the afternoon of the April 16th, had to go to Calaguas Island on April 17th-18th and had to be in El Nido, Palawan on April 21st-25th – but my Nikon D80 was at the Columbia Photo Main service center in Quezon City. We were informed my D80 would not be ready in a month so we pulled out the 18-135mm lens, headed over to my sister’s house to borrow her D40 and attached the lens to it. I went to shoot my friend’s wedding, went to Calaguas and El Nido.. only to realize on the last day that I had this on my photos…

Fungus on the Sensor

… yeah, roots.

I had roots in my photos. In all of them, hundreds of them photos. 🙁

Being a Biology graduate, I know what fungal growth looks like. I have seen it in many an agar plate. I did not need to go to the service center to be told what it is.

Nevertheless, I headed over to the nearest Columbia Photo, which is in Cubao, and had them look at the camera. Quote was P2.500 for cleaning the body and P2.500 for cleaning the lens. I had to call my sister first before I could give them a go at it, after all, P2,500 is quite a lot of money. One of my TF friends told me she brought her camera for cleaning at Columbia Photo Cubao and it only cost her P1,250. Technician told me its P1,250 for cleaning dust in the sensor but P2,500 for cleaning off fungal growth.

Actually, they told me I only had a little bit of fungal growth on my lens so I was a bit hesitant about shelling out another P2,500 for it (especially since I know I have another P14,000 waiting for me at the other service center for my D80 body) but I thought that since the D80 was bought in 2007, it has never seen a technician and have never been brought in for cleaning. I figured it was a good time as any, and that after almost three years of seeing people and a good number of beaches as well as other countries, it deserves a little bit attention and some tender loving care.

If you look at the photos taken on the dates mentioned, I am sure you will notice traces of these roots here and there. I did my best but after a while, cleaning the photos off just got tiring. After all, there are hundreds of them. I am really sorry but it was just too much. 🙁

By the way, I was told it would take 4 working days before I got both camera and lens back. I brought them on April 30 and would get them back on May 6, as they don’t work on Sundays and Monday is a non-working holiday care of Labor Day.

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