I have been observing this contest with curiosity (I did not join, of course) since it was first published and announced on Cebu Pacific Air’s Twitter site.

Today, they finally announced the first winner… and I was quite, what can I say, um, disappointed?

The first winning photo in My Summer Snapshots Photo Contest by Jerson Manalili Israel

Why am I disappointed? Because I was keenly observing this contest with interest just to see what photos are winning these days, based on people’s tastes and current trends, aside from the fact that the prize is quite something – imagine, a month-long pass to any destinationSSSSS…

And it includes ALL Cebu Pacific Air destinations, even the international ones!

Quite the prize huh?

Well, my only thing with this photo is that, I guess I was expecting something more… original?

Since, my cousin took this photo in Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos, on our very first Travel Factor trip,  in March 2008. The very first TF trip back in 2008… where it all began!

“The Evolution” by Romulus Rueda

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