The New Breed Category: Finalist, Full Length Feature
2010 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition


The film centers on an illiterate Badjao, Jahid and his 9-year-old daughter Daying as they illegally cross the border of the Philippines and Malaysia through the southern backdoor. Determined to reunite with his wife, he leaves behind everything they have in Jolo to search for his lost wife in Sabah where an uncertain future awaits him. He meets Hernand, who poses as a war photographer as he is drawn into the world of white slavery across the sea border. The two meet as they board the pump boat to the nearest Island of Sabah .

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SHERON R. DAYOC is a Mindanaon filmmaker, writer, editor, cinematographer and painter. He has developed several documentary films, short feature films and audiovisual presentations for various international and local organizations, government institution, and other private line agencies. Born and raised in Zamboanga City, he has started documenting the lives of people in the grassroots level, particularly the marginalized people and different tribes in Mindanao. His exposure to these cultures has allowed him to create factual and culturally-sensitive documentary films on the peoples of Mindanao. He owes his knowledge in filmmaking to the University of the Philippines Film Institute, Mowelfund Film Institute and Asian Film Academy in Pusan, Korea (Pusan International Film festival). He has learned to cultivate a sense of sensitivity and discipline to encapsulate his ideas into science. He believes that the crafting of a film involves not only creativity and vision but also discipline that shall pave the way of putting everything into film. Sheron’s films are a vivid reflection of the place and people he grew up with. He honed his skill by producing several documentaries and eventually creating narrative short film Angan-Angan. His first short narrative won special jury Citation at the Cinemalaya Film festival 2008. The film is also in competition in 7ème Festival Signes de Nuit Paris 2009. Angan-Angan (Dreams) has been an official selection in IndioBravao Film Festival NY,USA 2009, Indigenous Peoples Film Festival: Skábmagovat, Finland 2009, Pacific Pipeline, LA, USA 2008, Paris Film Festival 2008, and Kontra-Agos Film Festival 2007. Ron is the first Filipino to win the prestigious ASIAN PITCH 2008 grant for his documentary film proposal entitled A Weaver’s Tale under Media Corp Singapore and NHK Japan.