I have not been blogging the past couple of days as I have been really busy doing stuff for the family and dealing with all my personal and not-so personal issues so imagine my surprise when I go on to my site and see something red and unusual out of the right corner of my eye!

I have been really sad the past days and I was thinking, “Oh wow! Finally! A Nuffnang ad!” and that made me tweet that I had something, even a little thing such as this one, to be happy about. Well, let me share that it always somehow made me sad that there was nothing in there and the place looked all sad and forlorn. I kept wondering when that day would come when something will finally show up in there.

I saw it last night really! But then I went back to my site and then, it was gone! Just like that. I went to check my inbox to see if by any chance I received an email from Nuffnang but I did not. I even logged in on to my Nuffnang account to see what’s up but I guess I did not know what I was supposed to look for because I did not find it. So I guess that was just a fluke. They made a mistake. Something.

But then tonight, I check on my site because I have some little things to blog about and then I see it again! There it is! A big block of red with a yummy looking burger! Hahaha! So I thought (and I was sidetracked into what I was actually going to blog about into writing this instead) I am going to make a screenshot of this as proof that I did see it and that I did not just wishful think my way into this scenario. Hahaha.

Here it is. My very first Nuffnang ad, whether it is real or not. 😉