I have been such a huge fan of the Charlaine Harris‘ The Southern Vampire Mysteries, also known as the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. Of course, it began with a few Travel Factor friends talking about how this True Blood series is just simply “WHOA” and that got me curious. We got ourselves a copy of the HBO series and well, it was really WHOA! (because an adjective is not enough).

Being such an avid reader (though not one to call myself a bookworm – because bookworm is really my friend Lizzie who lent me all those books in high school when I really had none of my own and started me on this weekly hoarding activity at our own high school library some fifteen years back and who also recently gave me a book from one of my favorite South American writers for my birthday), I always want to read the book/novel/novella/poem any film or TV series that interested me was adapted from, I took time to get hold of the books. My brother-in-law first gave me pdf copies of the entire set from Book 1 to 9. Something that led to my having backaches and eye strain from reading relentlessly on my laptop screen even in the dead of the night. I eventually got my own paperback set! (I blogged about it here).

I did not find it imperative that I get hold of the paperback copy of Book 9: Dead and Gone because I already read it…

but well, well, well.. look here! Charlaine Harris and Ace Books finally released Book 10!

I went to the nearest National Bookstore yesterday to get myself a copy, because the uber-stressed out little homemaker and unpaid worker in me just badly needed a book-fix (sorry Po Bonson & Ashley Merryman’s Nurture Shock just does not help for me right now and I will blog about this book some other time I promise, when I am done reading it and I will post it under the category MOMents perhaps) but it was sold out! What? Sold out! NBS did list it on their month’s best seller, but well, I just badly needed a book – this book actually.

Screenshot of Search results for Dead in the Family done on the NBS website

Seeing this search result, I am quite at a dilemma here at which book to get. Since I would like to have a uniform collection, I would like to have the “traditional” book cover with that nice funky type of the book title and cute little cartoons, and I want it on paperback. It seems like the one with the nice funky type and cartoony cover art is only available in hardcover while the one in paperback has the True Blood cast on it. Not that I don’t want to have handsome Alexander Skarsgård on my book but I just really want the cartoons. It looks nicer! Oh well, my Books 1 and 2 do not have the cartoons either so maybe I shouldn’t mind so much. *straight face goes here*

True Blood’s Season 3 based on Book 3: Club Dead just started airing on HBO Asia two weeks ago and that is why I am all excited to read the books again and read this one too. The True Blood-hungry person in me too could not just bear waiting for HBO Asia’s airings of the season, especially since it is delayed, that I went on to Youtube to watch all the other episodes that have already aired in the U.S. and managed to find myself a channel that allowed me to watch up to the 6th episode. The seventh episode just aired August 1st in the U.S. and I went to check on my favorite Youtube channel to see if it has already uploaded the new episode only to find that the account has been suspended. Ooops!

Well, let’s see how far, literally, I am willing to go just to get my hands on Book 10 (and also maybe Book 9 too just so I can complete the entire set) and how long I can still wait. I need this book and I need this book ASAP! *big smile goes here*

I have never read Stephenie Mayer’s Twilight series, not because I don’t want to, but because I am waiting to get my hands on another boxed complete set which costs P1,385 according to National Bookstore’s website. 😛