Actually, Lia did all the “cooking” in the stores. She loves cooking – and that’s a good thing, she can do all the cooking for her Papa and Mama, since her Mama absolutely has no interest in cooking.

With my super duper friend Summer, all the way from our U.P. Rep undergrad days (and she was even my wedding coordinator back in 2006), we went to Quaipo to source out kitchen supplies and ended up with a pressure cooker, a tabletop oven and some pans. Since I could not afford the coffeemaker with espresso machine, we got coffee press instead. I’ll have to come back for that huge rice cooker because we could not carry anymore stuff.

I even bought a lot of rice lights, candles and candleholders for our Johnoy Danao event this Saturday. That was really fun!

Upon coming back to U.P. and Summer’s house where H was supposed to pick us up, Summer let me borrow her chafing dishes – for the reunion events we have scheduled at Wharf Galley this month. And, as an advanced birthday gift, she also gave me an electric griller! 😉

I couldn’t have been any more happier!

I do not cook at all so I couldn’t have done this shopping for cooking stuff without Summer. Aren’t I just glad I have a chef for a friend! Super thanks Summer for a wonderful day shopping, with you and Liapots, the one who enjoyed the most as she played with all the pots, pans, pitchers and cooking utensils! That was such a fun day for shopping and “cooking”!

Today I’m supposed to take Lia with me to the meeting and to see her Ninang Nica but her Lola had just come by and took her away to spend the night at their house. Oh well, now I can do all my bank errands, my meetings in U.P. and Q.C., see my Travel Factor friends later and maybe even get a chance to watch Thor. What a long day this is going to be, but fun through and through. Carpe diem!