I love it when Lia looks for my hand saying “hands, hands, hands” while taking my hand to wrap it around her when we are laying in bed about to sleep. I love it when we hold hands as we sleep.

I love it when we stand by the side of the road waiting for transportation and she hails all the trikes and jeeps passing by.

I love it when we take public transportation and we sit side by side, looking out the window.

I love it when we eat together, and she hands me the food she loves and feeds me too. “Mama, you’re too skinny. Eat this, it’s delicious.”

I love it when we read books together, or watch TV together or do things together. When she says to me, “Sit down, down, down!” patting the space next to her on the chair.

I love it when every time she sees a body of water she cries out, “Fish! fish! fish!”

I love it when she treats Tutu as her alter-ego.

I love it when she says goodbye to me, waving her hand at me and giving me a flying kiss.

I even love it when she won’t let me go.

I love lots and lots and lots about being a mom. It’s what makes me happy every day. It’s what keeps me going. I love lots and lots and lots about my daughter. And I’m looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with her and H this coming Sunday at Stonehouse Gardens. I just know it’s going to be a really fun day. Any day anywhere with Lia is fun – that’s how much I love being a mom.