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August 2011

The Brownman Revival Gig at the old Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, Elias Angeles St. – April 2, 2011

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Four months later, here are the photos from that beautiful gig at the old Wharf Galley Rock Cafe in Elias Angeles St.

We started with the usual soundcheck and then dinner at Frennie’s place. Afterwards, the band went back to their accommodations at Naga Manor, before coming back to the bar to play two amazing sets!

Sound check!

Sound check!


Bl@h’s Ipis

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This is so far, my favorite Bl@h song, and really, This song just makes me happy. Maybe it’s all those days I spent chasing after cockroaches in that cockroach-ridden apartment my brother and I shared with an old lady and her grand daughter in Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City back when I was a freshman in college. All those days I spent chasing after cockroaches not because I wanted to kill them all, but because I needed them, alive and kicking mind you, for my Biology 11 laboratory class. The irony of them cockroaches scampering and flying about when I have no need for them and their being all absent when I needed to catch a bottleful for my cockroach dissection activities. So funny. Loved those days.


Rock & Skate 4: Naga City

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This was an idea we started playing around with as early as May 28, the Goodleaf Dub Pilipinas gig at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, and who would’ve known we’d actually do it?

Thank you TJ of Machine, Machine and Slicksurf Pilipinas for making this event happen. This is all your doing! I just helped in any way I could. I have loved working with you and I hope there would be more of Rock N Skate in Naga City.

This is going to be one awesome night! Thanks to all the bands who will be participating at the awarding ceremony and rock party at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe.

Konti na lang magi-skate na rin ako. *winks*


Sale sale sale Coupons Galore!

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It’s true. I used to get crazy with seat sales online. These days though there aren’t any real seat sales anymore. It isn’t just how it used to be. Besides, after being unable to use all the tickets I bought for the family last January, February, March and June, I have completely lost interest.

Now, the new craze is group buying and discount coupons. Now I hoard coupons, for a change, at least.

So far, these have been the promos I have managed to, uhm, take advantage of?


The Chronicles of the Teatro Pilipinas Website

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The Teatro Pilipinas project was started by Jose Estrella in 2008, funded by the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) in cooperation with the University of the Philippines through the Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts under the College of Arts and Letters.

The original website was designed and developed by Alex Maximo and the logo was designed by Lex Marcos. Marili Fernandez-Ilagan was the first to admin the site.

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