I have been raring to go to Bagasbas Beach in Camarines Norte, about 115 kilometers away from Pili and more or less two hours drive by car, for quite some time that when H came over, fresh from his business trip from Germany, we made it a point to go, with the little one in tow, of course.

The plan was to leave Pili very early so we’ll arrive in Bagasbas early morning for some breakfast, a bit of surfing in the morning, a little nap after lunch and some surfing in the afternoon before going back home to my dad’s house.

Total Gas Station and Ford Dealership. Avenue Square is right across the street.

I have never been a morning person and we needed to get new papers from the Ford dealership because the car’s registration plate has not arrived yet and we needed a jack for my phone and the car’s stereo, and so, we arrived in Bagasbas at two o’clock in the afternoon. We headed straight to Leo’s Cuisine – our favorite place to eat in Bagasbas Boulevard because of the delicious food and the view.

Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte

We ordered Bicol Pusit Express, just about my favorite in Leo’s Cuisine, while having a little bit of chit chat with Tito Leo, who told me that his son was champion at the push race in the recently held Rock & Skate 4 in Naga City and that TJ was supposed to be at some place that afternoon. I made a call to TJ of Slicksurf Pilipinas who answered as if he had just woken up. He arrived shortly thereafter at Leo’s Cuisine in a swanky attire and a motorcycle.

Leo's Cuisine - my favorite place to eat in Bagasbas Boulevard

Lia had loved going up and down the stairs.

Lia at Leo's Cuisine

Lia at Leo's Cuisine

Look at me Papa! Papa!

While we were waiting for lunch to be served, Lia and I went down the beach to play with giant bubbles from that bubble maker we bought at the stop over at a Petron gas station somewhere in Sipocot.

Lia playing with sand

I have a 3-minute video (of nothing in particular) that I’ll find the time to upload soon. Lia is such a beach bum!

Lia and her Mama in Bagasbas Blvd

Lia had taken off her shirt again!

This hat I also bought at that gas station, along with Lia’s toys. I love this hat!

Lia's Mama in the sun

After we were done with lunch and coffee, we rented out a surf board for me and a bodyboard for Lia. The last time I went surfing was five months ago, I have not worked out since and of course was not in the best of shape. Nevertheless, I was able to ride all the waves I took, save for the first one when I was still trying to find my balance on the board, and after twenty minutes was stoked and called it a day. Makasakay lang ng board, makasakay lang ng alon, mabasa lang ng konti ng tubig-dagat, ok na ako.

Lia too had a great time with the body board and every time I rode my board back to her, she would wave and cry out, “Mama! Mama!” and at one point, she cried out, “Mama, kiss!! Kiss!” to which I promptly went over to get a kiss from my happy little one. What a beach babe!

By five we were done with washing up, had our big basket in the car and was ready for some fries at Jollibee. We did a little stop at Zenco Footstep, yes! Zenco Footstep, the shoe store of our childhood, and bought Lia a pair of bright pink slippers she had fallen in love with, along with a bright purple pair of shoes that had this pretty butterfly design on it.

Over-all, it was a good trip. Even if H missed his bus ride back to Manila.

H took all the photos by the way.

I found this photo of Lia H took inside my dad’s car that we borrowed for the day while I was going through the files and just had to laugh. My, my, my dear Lia, time and again you just have to prove that you are MY daughter. You smile just like me here! Mama loves you, ayt?

Lia in Lolo Doo's car