These are just about the “best” photos I have of Coron from that trip in April 2008. All the rest are just trash. I spent three days in Coron and hopped on to El Nido aboard a boat. My last day in Coron was spent hanging out with locals – friends I had made on my first trip to Coron back in October 2007.

My friend had picked me up at the lodge I was staying at so we can have lunch at another friend’s house in Capayas. We spent the afternoon hanging out at Cabu Beach. We were on scooters and in going to Cabu Beach, my hair had gotten all tangled from the dust. I could not comb it afterwards. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful quiet time by the beach.

Cabu Beach, Coron, Palawan, April 2008

Cabu Beach, Coron, Palawan April 2008

Cabu Beach is not a white-sand beach but it provided a beautiful view of the sea, particularly the route that Super Ferry takes to get to the Coron town port in Busuanga Island.

A bench on Lambingan Bridge

I asked my friends to take me to the best place in Coron town for a view of the sunset and they took me to Lambingan bridge.

One of my favorite boat photos

Lambingan on the bridge

The sunset in Coron

How beautiful the ripples were on the orange and black water...

My friends prepared dinner for us at the Siete Pecados Bar that my friend Jeff owned. Here is a photo of my friend Hope and me hanging out at the bar, which now, in hindsight, is so much better than my bar now. Hahaha. But it was all good times, good times. I miss these guys so much.

Angku and Hope at the Siete Pecados bar, Coron, Palawan, April 2008