Lia in Garage

What Just Happened Moment One:

Our bags were packed, the grandma is already at home ready to take the babysitting duties for the next three days, and I’m saying goodbye to the little one.

Mama: “Lia, mama is leaving.”
Lia: “Mama, are you going to worp? (her K’s are P’s right now)”
Mama: “No, but mama is going far away.”
Lia: “I’m going with you.”
Mama: “No baby, you can’t go with Mama this time.”
Lia: “No? Mama, stay here….” (pulling me over to lay down on the bed with her)
Mama: “Mama has to go, but Mama will be back very soon. And Mama Helen will be here to take care of you.”
Lia to her grandma: “Mama Helen, I want teem (teem is milk).”
Lia then goes over to me, puts her face very close to mine, holds my face in both her hands, looks into my eyes and whispers: “Go mama, go. Take care. Have fun,” and kisses me.

Wow. What did just happen?

What Just Happened Moment Two:

Lia is putting her puzzle pieces together and cries out, “Put it back! Put it back together!” so I come over to help her put her puzzle pieces back together. There are four sets: dog, cat, turtle and rabbit, and she has mixed some of the pieces from all the sets. I ask her which one she wanted to put together,

Which one?

But instead of telling me which set she wanted help in putting back together, she takes all the ones I’ve put together and throws all the pieces away one by one, scattering them all over the floor.

I stand up from where I was sitting with her on the floor and say, “Lia, you’ve made Mama angry. I was already trying to help you but instead you throw everything away.”

I go back to what I was doing, which was organizing the hangers in the closet, and I leave her slumped on floor, her knees folded together, her head down. She sees Ewok and starts to play with her naughtily, which makes Ewok irritated. I tell Lia, “Don’t play with Ewok like that, you’re gonna make Ewok angry, just like Mama. For Mama not to be angry, put your puzzle pieces back together and put them in the box.”

“I’m sorry Mama,” Lia says.

“I know but put your puzzle pieces back together like I asked you.”

Instead of doing what I asked, she goes over to her piano-xylophone and plays on it with her made up song, with lyrics that went something like, “Mama is angry. I’m sorry Mama. I threw the puzzle pieces away and I’m sorry Mama.”

I was thinking, “Wow, Lia is making me a song!” but I try to keep my angry face on.

After her song is done, she looks at me and smiles.

Lia in Garage

Because I’m all for positive feedback, I tell her, “That’s very good Lia but put your puzzle pieces back together like I asked you.”

She ignores me again and goes back to playing another song on her piano-xylophone, with nearly the same lyrics about me being angry and her being sorry. After her song is done, she looks and smiles at me again. I tell her, “Thank you Lia. That’s very nice, but put your puzzle pieces back together like I asked you and put them in the box.”

With this, she goes and picks up all the puzzle pieces on the floor and puts them in the box. I help her a little bit with this to show my appreciation at being followed. With the puzzle pieces in the box and the mess taken cared of, Lia then goes back to her piano-xylophone and sings me another song. When it’s done, I give her a big smile. She then asks me, “Mama, are you happy?”

To which I say, “Yes Lia. I’m very happy!”

And then she beams at me, does that cutie smile of hers with her head tilting to one side, then flips her hair, before finally, doing a bow.