I always say this, but I will say it again, I owe my friend Nick Olanka for introducing me to Maria Mena. I have fond memories of hanging out in their living room, with a cup of coffee, having just gotten out of bed, and listening to Maria Mena. I have since collected her albums.

This morning, as I was getting myself re-acquainted with old stuff I need for web development work, I found myself listening to my phone’s playlist instead of my laptop’s. I had the music on shuffle because I like being pleasantly surprised, and then one of Maria Mena’s songs came up. That brought a smile to my face.

I looked her up to see what’s going on with her and found out she released a new album last year – Viktoria.

She also has videos out now.

The first to be released by Sony Music Norway was Homeless, released Oct 6, 2011.

What is in this wine?
The more I drink the more I wander off
Into a stranger’s eyes
I like the way that they reflect my thoughts

What is in this air?
It feels like feathery dust everywhere
And as I breathe it in
I breathe the masculine scent of his skin

And I feel homeless

Your comfortable caress
Has triggered unfamiliar restlessness
You and I are we
I feel I’ve lost my individuality

You’re watching me rebel
Believing stories only hearts can tell
But when is it enough?
When do I call my feelings on their bluff

And I feel homeless

And I remember us now
But I forgot what we felt like
Somewhere along the way

Sony Music Norway released the video for Viktoria on March 6, 2012. (Why is it that she reminds me of Mandy Moore here?)

I looked away,
The other day,
Growing up slowly.
Have you ever herd me
Laugh so easily,
It’s cos I’m growing up slowly.

Oh, Viktoria

Me and my confidence,
We’re now more than friends,
We’re growing up slowly.
She lives in me,
She whispers when I sleep,
She says “you’re growing up slowly”

Oh, Viktoria

I have let go of my daemons,
They left me when I sang the truth,
No bulges I’m finally even,
I can break all my rules.

When I was ten,
My mother changed my name,
She said “you’re gonna grow into it”
It took quite some time,
But today it feels like mine.
I guess I grew slowly.

Oh, Viktoria

I have let go of my daemons,
They left me when I sang the truth,
No bulges I’m finally even,
I can break all my rules.

I heard this song for the first time and was totally blown away. I love the piano and… Mads Langer!


With this new album, I can look forward to some good mornings for the next few days. Still, with a cup of coffee cradled in one hand, leisurely, if not indolently, waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

Visit her official website at http://mariamena.no/