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I was first in Waway’s Restaurant in February 2010 for lunch. I was in fact with Lia, who was then ten months old. Here are some of the photos from that trip:

Waway's Resto: main door

Waway's Resto: table

Waway's Resto: Chicharong Bulaklak

Chicharong Bulaklak

Waway's Resto: Fried shrimps

Fried Shrimps

Waway's Resto: Pinangat


Waway's Resto: waitress cleaning up a table

Waway's Resto: food bar

Waway's Resto: customers

Waway’s Restaurant is a highly recommended restaurant for Bicolano dishes. I make it a point to go there when I’m in Legazpi, because the food is cheap and delicious, the place is not too crowded and most of all, because it is familiar. Food is served in the classic Filipino turo-turo style, where you go to the bar and point at the food you want to eat, in all too comfy manner!

Waway was the nickname of Aling Laura, the original owner who started the restaurant in a small nipa hut in another part of the city in 1967.

When I landed in Legazpi March 2011, because Manila-Legazpi flights are always cheaper than Manila-Naga flights (tip!), I made it a point to go to Waway’s Restaurant to inquire about food catering. I got there at about four in the afternoon to find the place completely deserted, save for some staff who were folding paper napkins. I took that as an opportunity to take photos of the facade because the parking was completely empty.

Waway's Restaurant

Waway's Restaurant

Waway's Restaurant

Just in case you’re wondering what the street looks like, this is how I found it to be. This is the street from across the resto.

Waway's Restaurant

I boarded one of those jeeps, on my way to Pacific Mall to dine at Colonial Grill because I was hungry and there wasn’t any food at Waway’s. Next post is on that.

If you still need convincing on why you should try this restaurant, here is a text lifted from philippinesboard.com:

Waway’s Restaurant

On the top 5 restaurants in Legazpi – Philippines is Waway’s Restaurant. Now, this is the place to go if you really want to try the best of Bicol’s cuisine. If you’re looking for a place to really try the distinct spicy Bicolano dishes then try the ones they serve here.

You’ll immediately notice that most of the meals they serve here have coconut milk/cream and chili peppers as the main theme. Well, that is indeed typical of Bicolano cooking wherever you go in this region of the Philippines. Don’t be afraid to ask for soda or water since you’ll be needing lots of that as well.

One of the big favorites in Waway’s Restaurant is known as Bicol Express, which is basically hot chili with a few added ingredients. However, you shouldn’t miss out on their crabs and shrimp. Another favorite dish they serve here is Kare Kare, which is a beef and vegetable stew in peanut sauce, a refreshing break from all the spice.

Cuisine: Filipino, Bicolano
Type: Casual Dining
Address: Peñaranda Extension, Bonot, Legazpi City
Business Hours: apparently, lunch and dinner only. Snacks are not served in this restaurant.
Phone: (052) 480-8415

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