That Johnny Depp cameo is awesome!

There, I said it. I rarely blog about the movies I watch because I watch so many, but I just had to blog about this because “that Johnny Depp cameo is awesome!” – and there I said it again.

I took the wrong bus and ended in Megamall instead of Robinsons Galleria. It started raining and I was hungry, so instead of trying to find my way home, I found myself in McDonalds for my usual comfort food of cheesburger, fries and the best-tasting Coca-cola ever, at least in my opinion. The fastfood was full and so is the entire mall! You would think there was a mall-wide sale with the number of people in there, but well, it’s just Mother’s Day and it seemed all the mothers were taken to the mall. I thought about how nice it would be to sit and I knew exactly where comfy seats with nice views can be had.