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World Turtle Day 2014 in El Nido, Palawan

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First off, some credits where/to whom credit is due.

Happy World Turtle Day from all five species of sea turtles that can be found in Palawan! El Nido Resorts takes part in sea turtle conservation by protecting their nesting sites, educating guests and staff, and engaging in monitoring activities.


El Nido, Palawan Accommodations List with Map

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Having lived in El Nido on and off since 2005, I have seen how the little town has grown over the years. When I was last back there this year, there are so many more accommodations available that I felt making a master list would be very useful. The El Nido Tourism council has come up with a map and this will be our guide. This list was compiled in September 2012. *updates are ongoing with the photos and details*


We will use these maps as guide:

Click HERE to view large image.

Click HERE to view large image.


A Sunny Sunday with Lia, El Nido, Palawan

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Getting supplies is primarily the reason why we go to town, but some days, especially when it’s sunny like this, we also make it a point to hang out by the beach.

It was July 22 and unlike the past days, the sun shone bright. It was a really hot day that made for good photographs of the beach. We usually go down to town in the afternoons when it is low tide. This time, we caught the high tide and suddenly, the beach looked different. It was quite beautiful. I am always amazed at how beautiful El Nido can be.

We walked by the beach, which the locals called “aplaya”. Before I went to live here, I always thought “aplaya” meant lake or fish pond. It was a beautiful day to be out and sunscreen was required.





Photography by Lia at Cadlao Beach Resort, Caalan, El Nido, Palawan

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Just recently, Todd Owyoung tweeted or re-tweeted something about being asked by a 16-year old on tips on photography, the teenager having just recently acquired a Nikon d800. Yes it was striking that a 16-year old has a Nikon d800, but that was not the point. “How can a 16-year old have such an expensive camera!” is not what struck us, but the thought that what if at the age of 16, you already knew you wanted to be a photographer?

I am not really very careful with my gear. I tend to use it and abuse it. That is why I think nobody would want to buy my camera if I decide to sell it. This attitude comes with drawbacks too, as just last month, I spent Php5,000 on body and lens cleaning at Columbia Digital. My d80 18-135mm kit lens also acts now as a prime lens, with its aperture defaulted at 3.5 because the blades have fallen off as a result of Lia’s dropping it God knows when exactly, I don’t exactly keep track. I was told I could have it put back for the price of Php3,750, and my reply was, well now, lemme think about that for a minute.

Anyway, as I was saying, I let Lia play around with my camera and take her own photos. She does this all the time with my phone, and essentially, she has become my most avid photographer. She takes photos of me all the time!

These photos were all taken by Lia while we were waiting for our dinner at Cadlao Beach Resort in Caalan. This was of course after she was done lounging on all the day beds, and right before she had a fantastic time falling on and off the hammock.


A Visit to Cadlao Beach Resort, Caalan, El Nido, Palawan

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Coming from Makulay, we decided to walk farther down the beach of Caalan and visit the Cadlao Beach Resort. We took the path by the beach first but later decided that it was easier to walk on the dirt path rather than on the rocky beach. We crossed at the Gawad Kalinga El Nido Sunset Village – that I was surprised to see, to be honest. “A Gawad Kalinga village in El Nido, wow!” is what I thought. This wonder was further enhanced by a rainbow that was visible on the sky right above the village that was just too good to pass up. Granted, the rainbow does not appear in the photo, but Lia was fascinated as usual and that deserved a stop, a stop that was long enough to take out the camera and take a few snapshots.

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan


Lia and Hiraya at Makulay Lodge, El Nido, Palawan

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Because Lia was promised before I left, and the entire week we were not together, and right before and even during the plane ride from A. Soriano Hangar to Lio Airport, that she is going to where the beach is, it was imperative that we go to the beach the very same day she arrived.

I like hanging out at Makulay Lodge and Villas because:

1. I know the owners so I am comfortable hanging out there without being a guest.

2. It is quiet in Caalan. There is also a good, though relatively rocky, beach, with clean sand.

3. It is the first lodge you see when you turn the corner in Caalan.  The entire Caalan beach is also somewhat extensive and there are so many things to see and places to be at there too.

It was nice that my 2.5 year old goddaughter, Hiraya, was there too. Hiraya is Likha’s daughter. Likha and I were together a lot when I was living in El Nido back in 2005. He, my co-teacher Eric, together with Derrick, our neighbor who also happens to own a boat and is also a licensed tour guide, and I, could be seen together frequently back then. I first saw Hiraya back in 2010 when she was just 3 months old. She is a quite the replica of Likha’s wife Dada.



Chronicles: Island Hopping in El Nido, Palawan

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Our being out every weekend was especially documented during the months of September to November 2005. I have just arrived from a few days of leave in Manila and came back with a waterproof camera that I took nearly everywhere with me all the time.

On those days, we had access to a red paddle boat that allowed me and my friend Likha to paddle to the island nearest to the town, Cadlao Island, and explore other beaches. Sometimes we also had other friends along with us. It was a great abs and arms workout but it was also the fastest way to get sunburned. The sunblock surely was our greatest best friend.

September 18, 2005

In the morning, Likha and I were off explore Cadlao aboard the red paddle boat. It was absolutely flat when we went out but the waves got really huge on the way back, we had to row the boat sideways. This made the return trip longer by maybe 20-30 minutes but we made it! I did row like a man for we had no life jackets with us. Rose and Del on the house on the hill were watching us worriedly, afraid we would not make it. I’d like to thank my sunblock by the way for making my face shiny on these photos and yet totally protected from sunburn.


In the afternoon, we boarded a boat with Rose (Likha’s mom), and our friends from the Peace Corps, to explore the other side of Cadlao Island.

The peace corps back then lived in these two cottages right by the water on Caalan. When they left, the cottages were bought by a Fil-Brit couple, who in turn, built what is now known as the Golden Monkey Cottages. I used to see them walking around with their monkey. In the photos below, we we’re waiting for our ride right on the beach in front of the cottages.


We usually explore the west side where Natnat Beach is because it has such a beautiful snorkeling site, but this time we explored the east side, dropped by Bucal Island and actually went up Cadlao to see the lake. That involved a trek through limestone cliffs and some planks while on the lake itself.


September 25, 2005

Early morning had us taking a trike to the baranggay of Corong-Corong 3km outside town proper and boarding a boat to Lapus Lapus beach, where a friend of Rose has a beautiful home overlooking the beach. It was the home of a Fil-American yogi and it was evident on the simplicity of the home. Out on the rocks, a balcony was set up especially for yoga and the classes that she holds when she is in the country.

From here, one can see Marimegmeg Beach, Depeldet Island and Pinagbuyutan Island.