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The Last Christmas in the Philippines

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Lia’s last Christmas in the Philippines was in 2015 and she spent it with her biological father and his family, as she did the past Christmases. We had spent some time together before Christmas though, seeing and being with my friends. We own a flat in the Taguig area and we hang out in the many establishments found in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). We stumbled upon this lights show in the roof deck of the SM Aura mall and Lia and I had some fun.

Our first stop was Last Frontier Beach Resort, located in Corong-Corong beach and owned by a friend of ours, and had just been recently completed. It took quite a while and a lot of efforts and stress for our friends to finish the resort and the least we can do is be supportive. We stayed for the sunset – always a not to be missed event.

We had Christmas dinner at Republica Sunset Bar in Lugadia. The day after Christmas, we dropped by El Nido Art Cafe, and Mezzanine Restaurant – making a round of businesses in Serena St. that our friends owned.


The 2010 Christmas Tree

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This season has not been as merry as all the others that went before. It is unlike all the other Christmases gone by. My mom spent Christmas in the hospital. The kids weren’t able to celebrate with us because all our kids are below 7 and are not allowed in the hospital. My brother spent Christmas in some other country, hopefully not freezing all the way down to his toes. Before all this came about, we had all planned on coming home to my parents’ house in Bicol like we have done in all these past years. I did not set up the Christmas tree.

But on the 24th, after grocery shopping, in preparation for the simple Christmas dinner we were going to spend at the hospital, I came home and suddenly, wanted to put up the tree for Lia. This is her Christmas too. She and I together put the tree up.

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010


The Kaladkarin Christmas Party 2010 [Part II]

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Here are the photos from my camera from the Travel Factor Kaladkarin Christmas Party 2010. Click here to view the entire set on Flickr. This is especially posted for Ver who avidly (and successfully) shuns Facebook.

TF Kaladkarin Christmas Party 2010

L-R, Maya and AJ, Eric, Ryan, Ver, Ced, Cha, Louie, Sheila, Charles, Mhef

Come in either a bow tie or necktie, and these are our bow tie peeps.

TF Kaladkarin Christmas Party 2010

Charlie and Cha