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Orosman at Zafira

Of Poets and Warriors – Orosman at Zafira

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Imagine living in a time when poetry was simply an everyday language. Beauty was magnified ten folds, pandemonium was disguised in lyrical verses, and love was simply glorious. Chaos translated to poetry is Orosman at Zafira, a play written in the 1850s by Francisco Baltazar (Balagtas). It tells the story of three warring tribes in thirst for power, a plot we could still relate to today.

Orosman at Zafira 2010


My Favorite Photos from Dulaang U.P.’s Orosman at Zafira 2010

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When I first saw Orosman at Zafira in 2008, I was utterly moved to tears. Though I was not a part of the production, it felt like I was, too. I must have seen the show in its entirety at least four times and never did it lose the magic for me. I was always blown away. I was always moved to tears no matter how many times I saw it. Orosman at Zafira of 2008 was one of the best plays I saw that year.

Orosman at Zafira of 2010, despite the new faces but for three in the main cast, still moved me. Though I could not help but miss the old faces (and what beautiful faces they were), the magic is still there. I am happy that Philippine Theater has Dexter Santos and grateful for and immensely proud of the talent that he so generously shares with us. May there be more of this talent around us and let it touch and reach others in the only way it can. I am utterly grateful for the opportunity to have been able to shoot this exceptionally beautiful production that continues to touch my heart.

There were more than 600 photos from that night. I chose my favorites and still ended with 30. (Which shouldn’t be so bad since it’s 5% but I was for some reason gunning for 10). I would like to commend production designer Tuxqs Rutaquio and lights designer John Ilao Batalla. And, Paolo Rodriguez, the accessories are absolutely lovely!


Dulaang U.P.’s Orosman at Zafira Opens Today

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This adaptation includes in its roster of casts bright and promising actors in the persons of Delphine Buencamino, Tasy Garrucha, Jerson Lafuente, Joel Molina, Reuben Uy, Jean Judith Javier, Tao Aves, Roeder Camanag, Kevin Concepcion, Gabs Santos, Acey Aguilar, JM De Guzman, Jacinta Remulla, Natasha Cabrera, Jules Dela Paz, Ronnie Martinez and the Dulaang UP Ensemble.


DUP Restages Baltazar’s Orosman at Zafira

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Ever since we had the problems with the Teatro Pilipinas website and are waiting for hosting transfers and redesign and so on and so forth, I have not really been into the theater scene. I went to UP yesterday though with Lia to file my reimbursement forms and get my cheque from the Cashier’s Office and I was told previews were last night and tonight. I could have stayed yesterday to watch last night’s show but I had my daughter with me.

So tonight I am on my way in a bit to watch.

Before I go, here are a few details about this show.