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Sonnet XVII: ‘No te amo como si fueras rosa,’ by Pablo Neruda

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Sonéto XVII

Daí taká namómôtan na garó bagá iká búrak, o hiyás,
o an panà nin mga ara-alas-dóse na nagtútupga nin kaláyo.
Namómôtan taká síring na an ibáng madidiklóm na bágay namómôtan,

sa limpóy, sa pag-ultánan kan aníno asín kalág.
Namómôtan taká síring sa tinanóm na daí nagbubúrak
alágad yáon saíya an ílaw kan mga búrak na nalílipudan;

salámat sa saímong pagkámoot na saróng maisóg na hamót,
naggíkan sa kinâban, madiklóm na nabubúhay sa sakóng háwak.
Namómôtan taká na daí iniísip an pâno, o kasuarín, o kun saín gíkan.

Namómôtan taká na may kasiguruhán, daíng karibúngan o kahámbugán:
na namómâtan taká nin húli ta daí na akó nin ibá pang paági
kundî iní: na kun saín mayò an iká o magín akó,

labí-kaharaní na pálad ko an pálad mo sa sakóng daghán,
labí-kaharaní na an saímong mga matá an minapírong sa sakóng pagtúrog.

Sonnet XVII: ‘No te amo como si fueras rosa,’ by Pablo Neruda

** This is a Bikol translation. Heartwarming more than the usual. Thanks Vic Nierva.


Alliance (Sonata) by Pablo Neruda

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Sunset in Mui Wo, Lantau Island, HK 2010

Sunset over Mui Wo, Lantau Island, HK

From dust-laden glances, fallen to earth

or noiseless leaves, self-buried.

From tarnished metals, with the void incarnate,

with the absence of day, dead of a stroke.

In hand-heights, the dazzle of butterflies,

butterflies setting sail in their unbound light.

You were guardian to the light’s stelae, fragmented beings

the late and tardy sun flung at the churches.

Glance-tinted, with the aim of the bees,

your embodiment of unlooked-for flame in flight

preceded and follows day, his golden kin.

Days cruise in secret and lie in ambush

but fall into the trap: your voice of light.

Oh lady of the house of love – in your repose

I ground my dreams, my hushed expectancy.

With your body shyly numbered, extended suddenly

out to the quantities which have defined the earth,

beyond the broils of the white days in space,

cold with the slow deaths and withering incentives,

I feel your lap burning and your kisses passing

like early summer swallows in my dreams.

Times are when what your tears may wish to be

like age reaches my forehead-

there waves are battering, tripping themselves to death:

their motion humid, fallen, final.

(Translated by N.T.)

Sunset in Mui Wo, Lantau Island, HK 2010
The River Silver, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, HK


Poetry by Pablo Neruda

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I like You Calm, As if You Were Absent

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Still Water by Raffy Parcon

I Like You Calm, As if You Were Absent

I like you calm, as if you were absent,
and you hear me far-off, and my voice does not touch you.
It seems that your eyelids have taken to flying:
it seems that a kiss has sealed up your mouth.
Since all these things are filled with my spirit,
you come from things, filled with my spirit.
You appear as my soul, as the butterfly’s dreaming,
and you appear as Sadness’s word.
I like you calm, as if you were distant,
you are a moaning, a butterfly’s cooing.
You hear me far-off, my voice does not reach you.
Let me be calmed, then, calmed by your silence.
Let me commune, then, commune with your silence,
clear as a light, and pure as a ring.
You are like night, calmed, constellated.
Your silence is star-like, as distant, as true.
I like you calm, as if you were absent:
distant and saddened, as if you were dead.
One word at that moment, a smile, is sufficient.
And I thrill, then, I thrill: that it cannot be so.

PABLO NERUDA, written in 1950

This little bit of inspiration I got off Raffy Parcon’s Facebook account. Thanks Raffy. Cheers to photography and poetry.