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Stonehouse Gardens

Lia and her Mama at Stonehouse Gardens

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Having finally decided that Lia and I will never come back to live in Bicol, we embarked on a road trip to haul all of our stuff back to Manila. We used to travel together every two weeks when Lia and I were both based in Bicol in 2011 but this was Lia’s first return trip to Bicol after leaving nearly ten months before. We allotted two out of the three-day long weekend for just driving the 900+ kilometers back and forth, and only one day to stay and roam around the area. This mainly meant having coffee at Starbucks Magsaysay, dropping by Bigg’s Diner and Red Platter, having kinalas and puto bucayo. Of course we could have done more but with the limited time, we had to prioritize the ones I missed the most.

I have always wanted to go up and visit Stonehouse Gardens, and because we had no plans of ever coming back, it was imperative that we go this time.


We arrived a few minutes before four in the afternoon on the first Saturday of December. The sun was nearly at the horizon and behind the clump of trees by the fence. After refreshing ourselves with glasses of juice served by the resort and take-out food from Bigg’s Diner, we went on a walk around the place and took photos. The setting sun gave just the right light for what would become some of my favorite photos for the year 2012.

At Stonehouse Gardens Resort

At Stonehouse Gardens Resort

At Stonehouse Gardens Resort

At Stonehouse Gardens Resort

At Stonehouse Gardens Resort


My Travel Wish List for the Year

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I am compiling a list of places to go this year.

1. Tambaron, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

An island owned by the family of one of our friends, we are invading this resort in May.

Visit their website at and view this video made by one of the guests to see what Bulalacao has to offer.

The upcoming trip will be a reunion trip of sorts with our Travel Factor friends, and it will be the first time Lia (age 3) and Calix (age 1.5) will be together on a trip!

2. Misibis Bay

Located in Cagraray Island, Albay, this resort is considered to be a top-end resort; but because this resort is only in Albay, a place that I consider to be accessible, it is on my to-go-to list.

They recently had a summer sale for March-May 2012 for only P16,000+ net for 3d/2n package for two that made me think this place is not so expensive to go to after all! Too bad we already have other plans for the summer but I am going to wait patiently for the next promo and off we will go!


My Naga Find of the Day – Stonehouse Gardens Resort

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As I was looking through Jino Celebrado of Gouldian Photography‘s Facebook wall, I saw this post:

Actually, the first thing I thought about was my mom and how we’re gonna celebrate this day still with her… and then I remembered, it’s also my sister Jasmin and my brother Carmelo’s wedding anniversaries…. and then lastly, I remembered that I’m also a mom and it’s also my day….

So anyway, I went to their website and boom, there I am, in love with a place I have not been to just yet. I guess, Gilbert Fernandez, I am not going to your summer pool party slash Pacquaio-Mosley fight at Ramashinta Resort and Spa. (Final na! :P)

The Travel Factor Food Trip Bicol is still in the works and I am figuring out a way on how to include this place in the itinerary, but I guess I have to do an ocular of it myself first. Do watch out for my blog on this place when I finally have. It reminds me of Eden Nature Park in Davao, and I have this feeling that it might actually be better. I guess we will just have to see for ourselves and find out.

Stonehouse Gardens Resort wait for meeee! 😉

Check out the resort’s Facebook page as well.