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A Family Vacation in Siquijor Island, Philippines

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From Dumaguete, we decided to take a ferry to the neighboring tiny island of Siquijor, where we stayed at one of the more expensive dive resorts – Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort. We almost never choose expensive accommodations but we only started looking for accommodations, ran out of options, and eventually decided we deserve this, even just this once. We took our breakfasts at the restaurant or by the pool while sunbathing and swimming. The pool-side bar afforded us swim while getting semi-drunk on cocktails and enjoying live jazz music. We were lucky in our timing because the owners had some of his friends over from New York who are professional musicians and they made beautiful music from sundown til late. When my then-boyfriend and now-husband’s mother asked us what we were doing and we told her, she infamously asked, “What about real life?” Still, our time spent in Siquijor was one of our most memorable, work-free, and stress-free family trips.


La Plage Beach Bar and Restaurant, Corong-Corong, El Nido, Palawan

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There is a cool little spot in Corong-Corong beach for someone who wants to just lounge all day, enjoy spectacular sunsets, along with some good music, drinks and food. I tell everyone about this place called La Plage. It is one of my favorite places in El Nido, as well as my daughter’s. Its spacious grounds, dogs, and shallow beach is good for kids who like to run around, chase after dogs and pups, and go dipping in the water.

We lived in Corong-Corong for the past eight months and we walk to La Plage when we want to eat. This part of El Nido directly faces west and its cushions make for a relaxing place to lay down and sip Pinacoladas, Thai Mojitos, and Mango Sex on the Beach. The place is owned and ran by a French couple, Bastien and Alec, along with some Filipino and French staff.

They hold parties with DJs and sometimes live music too. We were there for New Year and had such a great time.

In Corong-Corong, there aren’t a lot of restaurants to go to. There are Greenviews Resort and Restaurant and Stunning Vistas Resort and Restaurant, but other than that, there isn’t anything else. Through the months, a few little places have cropped up, like Ailyn’s Beach Resort and Sunset Bar as well as the little bar of Talindak Beach Cottages, but amongst all of these places, La Plage remains to be my and my daughter’s favorite.

If you are coming from El Nido town proper on a tricycle, look for this sign and this part of the road:

La Plage Sunset Bar and Mediterranean Restaurant, Corong-Corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan

La Plage is located on the right. Tricycle fare is Php15 per person.

If you are coming from Puerto Princesa, look for this sign and this part of the road, on your left:

La Plage Sunset Bar and Mediterranean Restaurant, Corong-Corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan


Waiting for the Sun to Set – At Stunning Vistas, Corong-Corong, El Nido, Palawan

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I love riding my bike in El Nido. On one January afternoon, I concluded my ride by having a glass of shake and some food at Stunning Vistas Beach Resort in Corong-Corong and happened to have caught this. <3 

Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Palawan

Stunning Vistas Beach Resort
Lugadia, Corong-Corong, 5313 El Nido, Palawan
Contact numbers: +639217515783 or +639995660888

If you are looking for more accommodations in El Nido, here is the link to the most updated list of accommodations, with contact numbers, links and a map. Click HERE.


Chronicles: Sunset Fishing, El Nido, Palawan

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Two things:

1. Sunset Cruise
Offered by tour operators, it involves just chilling out on a boat in the middle of the sea, with a bottle or two of beer and some packed barbecue, while the sun sets in the background. Quite a normal activity one would say, except they add a twist by putting you on a small outrigger boat – with a bottle of San Miguel beer, dare I say.

I have never done this.

2. Fishing
I lived in El Nido without really going into the details of actual fishing. The most common I encountered was something they called kawil. “Teacher, nangawil kami,” is what my students used to tell me. It involved putting a bait on a hook and just waiting for the fish. The usual, except one had to catch the bait first, and they weren’t worms. During low tide, the sand and rocks get exposed and sea creatures would get trapped in holes in the sand or in spaces in between rocks.

During the months of February, March and April, the El Nido horizon would glow with a multitude of lights. One of the teachers even said it made her think Manila was just nearby as she had thought the lights were coming from Manila. The lights in truth came from the lights of fishermen catching squid.

If there was something I regretted not having done, despite the opportunities to, was go out with the fisher folks to catch squid, or at least watch them do it. The catch sadly did not reach the shores of the town, as they were sold right then and there to Taiwanese merchants aboard their own ships.

What I did do was go out with my friends Likha, Derick, and Eric, to fish as the sun was setting.

What we did first was catch an octopus stranded in little holes in the sand by leaving a trailing bait out on the beach.


The Good Old Days in Coron

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These are just about the “best” photos I have of Coron from that trip in April 2008. All the rest are just trash. I spent three days in Coron and hopped on to El Nido aboard a boat. My last day in Coron was spent hanging out with locals – friends I had made on my first trip to Coron back in October 2007.

My friend had picked me up at the lodge I was staying at so we can have lunch at another friend’s house in Capayas. We spent the afternoon hanging out at Cabu Beach. We were on scooters and in going to Cabu Beach, my hair had gotten all tangled from the dust. I could not comb it afterwards. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful quiet time by the beach.

Cabu Beach, Coron, Palawan, April 2008

Cabu Beach, Coron, Palawan April 2008

Cabu Beach is not a white-sand beach but it provided a beautiful view of the sea, particularly the route that Super Ferry takes to get to the Coron town port in Busuanga Island.