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The Beauty Junkee and Me

Friends and their Interests, Personal By June 17, 2012 Tags: , , , , , , , , , 2 Comments

Not without a little embarrassment, I set out to write this blog that will let people know what I have been up to the past month, and that is – make-up.

I have never been into make-up really. I was always the tomboyish kind. My sister always had to remind me to powder my face, and the only thing I don’t ever go without is eyeliner; but because I have been close to being bored to death the past month, I decided to try out something different.

So I started frequenting Martha’s beauty blog, not for anything but because it was different from most sites I visit, “most” meaning mommy blogs, artist blogs, writer blogs, travel blogs, and photography sites. Martha has always been into make-up. I had loved seeing her all made up when we we’re still working together in theater. It’s not that I have not been into make-up at all. Being a theater person required you knew how to put on make-up on yourself, but I was not quite inclined to putting make-up on regularly or when going out.

Last month, I decided I wanted to try out a personal make-up class. So for one afternoon, together with make-up artist Leah Tulang of The Make-up Corner, we set out to do all kinds of basic make-up on ourselves. Not that I didn’t know that already, I just wanted to see if there was something else out there I needed to know.

Night Make-up Look, with Leah Tulang

Yes, I looked different. How fun! I even look like I have more weight on me than actual. Or maybe that wicked grin was just me trying to make my red lipsticked lips look thinner.

We then moved on to doing the smoky eyes look that I have always been curious to learn. Ta-dah! Smoky eyes look achieved, I suppose. This photo was taken at home, after it endured four hours of travel, a movie and walking in the rain.


The Beauty Junkee’s Anniversary Give Away

Friends and their Interests By April 24, 2012 Tags: , , , 1 Comment

My friend and beauty blogger Martha Sta. Barbara of the Beauty Junkee is celebrating her blog’s third anniversary and she is giving away prizes worth over P70K! Congratulations Tamarts on your blog’s third anniversary, but more importantly, congratulations on your graduation!

I really must say I am SO proud of you guys in this photo and I truly find it inspiring! Congratulations to everyone! I love this photo! It makes me wanna go back to school and finish my masters thesis!

Some of the 2012 graduates of the Department of Theater Arts, College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines Diliman, in their sablay.

Going back to her anniversary give-away, Martha is giving away goodies worth more than P70K to 16 lucky contest participants.

Though I am not much into make-up, I am a fan of Martha’s blog. I read her entries simply because they are interesting and it’s always like reading a beauty magazine. I ask myself, “Hmm, what is new on the market today? ….Lemme check out Martha’s blog!” I like the fact that she is always so honest and down-to-earth. I also like the fact that her blog site is all about loving oneself and embracing femininity – which I think, every woman, should do regardless of their interests in life.

Check out her contest give-aways here and get a chance to win any one of her (16!!) fabulous prizes.


Contest runs from April 1 – May 31, 2012. 123 entries as of the moment and counting! Good luck everyone! 🙂

Congrats again Martha and have fun in Boracay!