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Band Feature: Your Imaginary Friends

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Because the band, Your Imaginary Friends:

1. Will be playing at the gig I am organizing on May 31st at B-Side Makati and I am making it a point to do a blog feature of each band that will be there

2. Will be playing later at Saguijo Cafe + Bar

I am blogging about them today.

Band Name: Your Imaginary Friends
Ahmad Tanji – Vox/Guitars
Khalid Tanji – Guitars
Em Aquino –
Vox/Bass Eric Po – Drums
Hometown: Bicol/Manila
Record Label: Lilystars Records
Influences: The Smiths, Pixies, The Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol, The Postal Service, New Order, Nirvana & Weezer

When fate and fine intentions cross paths, something wonderful must be on hand… and whoever said that good things are worth the wait must have envisioned Your Imaginary Friends lingering in the wings. Four years in the making before arriving at their current lineup, Emerald Aquino (bass) joined brothers Ahmad and Ed Tanji (vox/guitars and guitars respectively) and Eric Po (drummer) in March 2010 with a resolve to do their bit in the name of pop music. They have since been conquering varied audiences with their arresting brand of refreshing pop.


Your Imaginary Friends Makes it Home to Wharf Galley Rock Cafe

Music, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By December 10, 2011 Tags: , , , , , 1 Comment

SUPPORT BICOLANO ARTISTS – that’s the thrust of Wharf Galley, so every time we have a Manila-based band coming over to Naga, we prioritize bringing the Bicolanos back home. Your Imaginary Friends, composed of  Ahmad Tanji (vocals and guitars) of Legazpi’s famed Pepsi Paloma Experiment, his brother Khalid (guitars), Eric Po(drums) from Naga City and Emerald Aquino (bass), are as close to being all Bicolano as they can get.

At B-Side, The Collective, Makati

After months of planning, that included a meet-and-greet at the Shoplifters United Presents – Silence is the Villain event (click on the link for the photos) at B-Side last August and then another meeting at Today x Future at Cubao X last September, Your Imaginary Friends (YIF) finally made it to Naga City!

Eric Po, the band’s drummer and graphic artist extraordinaire, made a lot of publicity materials for this event in the course of three months. This helped a lot in promoting the event and no doubt, helped in making the event a very successful one.

Teaser Poster October 2011


Dub Gone Crazy! The Dub Pilipinas Album Tour and Bicol Invasion!

Music, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By June 6, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , , 1 Comment

This event was just really amazing. Wharf Galley was filled with new faces, faces I have never seen before, the kind of people I have not seen before in Wharf. I was just awed the entire night. Really amazing. The place was filled with people from Daet, Legazpi, Manila and Naga… skaters, skim boarders, musicians, guys with dreadlocks galore!

Goodleaf's Dub Pilipinas Album Tour at Wharf Galley 05.28.11

Goodleaf's Dub Pilipinas Album Tour at Wharf Galley 05.28.11


Coffeebreak Island in Naga at Wharf Galley

Camarines Sur, Music, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By April 24, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , , , No Comments

Coffeebreak Island was scheduled to play at Wharf Galley on April 17th. When we initially planned their gig, we had no plans of moving Wharf Galley; but it turned out, the Coffeebreak Island gig in Naga was the first Wharf Galley event to be held in its new venue: Avenue Square.

CBI in Naga, photo courtesy of CBI

CBI in Naga, photo courtesy of CBI


Wharf Galley Now At Avenue Square

Camarines Sur, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By April 23, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

I don’t want to say it’s a new beginning. It is whatever it is. I just could not stay another day in the old venue of Wharf Galley so we tried our best to look for a new home. Avenue Square made it possible for us to be here, and so here we are. Others might not like this change, this might not be considered growth, but at least it’s no longer “One step forward, two steps back.” I said either Wharf Galley moves to a different location or it closes with me, as nobody else wanted to see to it that it goes on. More than just myself, there is the staff, who needs this more than I do. This is not a selfish move. I myself do not need this. I can just go back to my normal life in Manila and just leave all this behind, but here we are, James and I, our entire families, all the staff behind us, all the bands, and everyone who is supporting us, fighting on…


Changes at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe this month

Camarines Sur, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By April 2, 2011 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

I have been uber busy with a lot of things lately, and I’m not complaining, I love every minute of it. We have a lot of events scheduled at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, and things are looking up. We have bands from Manila like Brownman Revival playing tonight and Razorback on the 15th, as well as a ska band from Legazpi, Stolenshots on Sunday. My friend Ver Estotsenberg designed the posters for Brownman and Stolenshots (much thanks Dude!).

Brownman Revival in Naga

We will also be operating seven days a week now, as opposed to the old Wednesdays to Sundays open days. My friend Chef Summer‘s menu will now be implemented, with rice meals, sandwiches, pasta, pizza now on the menu. (Happy Birthday dearie! Much love!) I have been working closely with my friend Chase for supplies from Coca-Cola so that we can now also have soft drinks, bottled water, and juice drinks on the menu. I am waiting for the Takoyaki cook set from Japan and soon enough we will be putting up a Takoyaki stall in front of the cafe in the afternoons, with REAL coffee being served upstairs.