You will get stretch marks, no matter how much cocoa butter or shea butter lotion or body oil you lather on. But that is not reason to not do it, for all you know, there could be more.. or in my case, there could have been more.

There is no such thing as no (or “narrow” for that matter) hips. One male friend used to make fun of me, “How are you gonna have kids when you don’t have any hips?” I had normal delivery. What was only important was that we made sure the baby was between 6 and 6.5 lbs. If it was too big, then I would have to seriously consider having a C-section. But still, not after going through trial labor.

  • You can control your weight. Or most importantly, your baby’s. You can eat all you want, just make sure you eat healthy. Soda and ice cream are of course to be had in moderation.

  • The size of your baby at birth in no way foretells how big he/she will be as an adult. So don’t make the baby too big. Unless your goal is to have a c-section. A small person will still be a small person, as pre-programmed by the genes, even if he/she was born 8 lbs.

  • Some people simply look pretty pregnant, but that is not in keeping with: “You’re blooming! You’re so pretty! You must be carrying a girl!” Some un-blooming and un-pretty preggies are carrying a girl. Some preggies carrying boys do not look uglier than their pre-pregnancy days. That’s just how it is.

Congenital scan at 16 wks

  • In some first-world countries like the U.S. and Germany, congenital scans and ultrasounds are unheard of. Thus, feature stories on miracle babies in the Oprah show. To which I said, “How come the parents didn’t know their son did not have legs?”

  •  There is no such thing as small breasts. Big breasts, small breasts, previously non-existent breasts have the same capacity for milk production. Invest in a good breast pump if you intend to breastfeed (and really, I hope you do).

  • Speaking of breasts, though this may not be the fastest nor the cheapest way to jump from cup A to cup B or even cup C, at least you get to jump.

  • Get a good OB-Gyne. Someone who is willing to hold your hand while you’re having contractions and willing to be your lamaze partner, because your husband will not be at the labor room. Unless you get the expensive ‘birthing room’. Preferably someone who will be there to see you through to that 10cm. Some doctors just show up at the delivery room._5152156

  • Don’t go crazy shopping for baby clothes and baby stuff. Accept all hand-me-downs from your sisters, relatives and even friends. Or borrow. Or buy second-hand from other moms who do not or will not need baby stuff anymore and can make use of extra storage space in their own homes. After all, these things are expensive and your baby will outgrow them before you can say ‘whoahreallyididntknowthatbutiwishididbeforeiwenttosm!’

These are just some of the things that come to mind right now but I am sure there will be more as I go along..

When a child is born, a parent is born.” – Anonymous