From CCP, we made our way to Shopwise Libis which, the depraved all-around mother that I am, have become my clothing store aside from supermarket, bookstore, furniture store, appliance store and even sports store. I went to get me some cool sandos that have been put on sale at fifty percent less than its original price. I got two of them two weeks ago and am almost bitter that I got them when they were not on sale. I have always loved sandos (and who doesn’t love sales), even when I was in college, and I think one can never have too many especially if you are always aiming to hit the beach. I also wanted to check out some utility shelves for freeing some much needed floor space in my workroom but at buy one take one at P999.00, they were already sold out. I got two shelves though at P645.00 each. Though they are not in the dimensions I needed for storing my baskets from Dapitan, they are probably better than having a carpenter build us one, especially since we do not personally know any.


Then we started looking at baby stuff: cribs, strollers, walkers, car seats, high chairs, play pens, clothes and toys, and I swear one could just get lost in that area for hours. We got the baby a bath tub foam because she will soon be graduating from her net bathing supporter. We still could not find a bath tub with the bottom drainage plug and for the meantime will have to endure ours. I personally think baby bath tubs without bottom drainage should be phased out or deemed obsolete, never to be seen again in department and supermarket store racks as well as street stalls in Divisoria and Quiapo.

I finally got the baby a mobile. I have always been thinking of getting one, but we simply could not find the time to go out. This Sunday though, my in-laws came over to baby-sit for us so that we could go watch the play as well as do some shopping. Due to the lack of choices, we got a musical mobile that I personally think is quite ugly but that which the baby seems to love anyway.

 Since I am preoccupied with mobiles, I found this interesting website that “has been designed to provide information on everything that you need to know about baby mobiles.”

 Take note that it only provides information. Do not expect to see any photos. True to its word, there is nothing here except [useful] information on everything you need to know about baby mobiles.

I wish I had something like this. Oh dear, one can just get lost in the musical mobile choices, but then who has that much money?

 fisher price musical mobile at $40

I found some interesting things that I think I would like to hang in that mobile, aside from Babo’s green bird of course. In my box of what-nots I found these key chains that I was supposed to include in that mixed media art I was supposed to make, but like all other things in my mind (origami included), I never seem to find the time to do.



This makes me think about my room in Marikina during my college days which I filled with metallic fishes hanging all over the ceiling as well as my old condo unit with capiz shells and paper mache gold sun, moon and stars. Ah, gone are the idle days.