I did not really think the movie was all that great. I actually do not remember much about it but the soundtrack must have touched me in some way because I went out and bought it.

It was of mid-90s so I got it in cassette tape. I remembered that I had it because Michael Jackson died and there were two songs in the soundtrack by the Jackson 5.

I am now listening to it a lot again these days and I hope to somehow, sometime get the tracks in mp3 format. 🙂

Now and Then OST cover

Click here to listen to samples of the whole album or to purchase.

Now and Then on imdb.

now-and-then movie poster

What is nice about this movie is that it has the Christina Ricci and Thora Birch as (still) little girls and they are absolutely so cute! lol.. Brendan Fraser is also in this movie looking like he does now so. Does that mean he’s been looking like 40 forever..?

70s music is so nice. I love the 70s. It must have been fun growing up during the 1970s. Well, at least in terms of music and fashion. After all, it was also the time of the Marcos dictatorship and Martial law. 😐