Running from place to place, something is bound to happen..

zhouyustrain1My Lake Celestial

To get to your heart, sometimes my voice becomes fragile
Gentle breeze caresses the eel-shaped ice crack,
Lake Celestial, the enchanted celadon,
Melting in my hands soft as your skin

She spills over my Lake Celestial
Totally filled by you, totally filled by you..

Zhou Yu’s Train


Zhou Yu……..   Gong Li
Chen Qing……  Tony Leung Kafai
Zhang Qiang…  Honglei Sun

Direction:  Sun Zhou


A lover is a mirror
through which you can see yourself more clearly


“Some say that love is not about lasting relationships, but about a single moment of togetherness,” says director and co-writer Sun Zhou. “I don’t agree…what I’m saying about love, and our idea of love, is that it accompanies us for life. It grows old with us. It will always be with us. I think what’s important is not who we fall in love with, but whether or not you have that feeling inside your heart, that feeling that excites you and controls your life.”


I saw you in a dream
Moving like a pool of swirling bubbles
Formless and inexplicable
You dance gracefully
Slowly consuming me
Consuming the night
Consuming yourself


“’Zhou Yu’s Train’ is about a woman trying to find herself,” clarifies producer Bill Kong. “It’s less about people in love, and more about this woman trying to discover in herself why she wants these two men. She represents something very modern in China; not just women’s liberation, but about a woman discovering what she could have. She’s strong, but very romantic, and is pursuing that truth in her heart”


All the love in the world is not enough
To heal our sadness of separation
My tears flow back to themselves
If I disappear
You would hear nothing but silence


It is the visual possibilities of the train that attracted Sun Zhou to the original novel upon which the film was based. “It plays just a small part in the novel,” he explains, “but this gave me a strong visual image to express the feelings I have about love. It’s like a train – it may not have a final destination, but here are passengers who will get on and off.” Indeed, it is the motif of the train moving back and forth across the countryside that is reflected in the film’s editing and visual style: we uncover Zhou Yu’s two romances as parallel train tracks that will never meet, linked forever by the body of the woman who rides the train between past and present, memory and reality, passion and sadness. “Running from place to place,” Zhou Yu tells us about her travels, “something is bound to happen.”


If the moon can be both round and crescent
then a lake can be empty and full
If it’s in your heart then its real. If its not, then it never will be.


“For me, film is a place to dream,” concludes Sun Zhou. “Some would think that the character of Zhou Yu is strange, but I think she’s perfectly normal. Perhaps modern day people are peculiar, and Zhou Yu is the normal one. She is loyal to herself, very true from her feelings. There’s a line at the end of the film – ‘Who can be parted from Zhou Yu?’ I believe everything I want to say is in this line. Zhou Yu is love – can we escape from love? Truth is, if we choose to let things happen, then they will. In time, these things even may become the most significant things in your life.”