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Pictures are clickable to view bigger image. Too bad we forgot to bring the telephoto lens. So funny to be taking surfing photos with a wide-angle lens. Well, there is always next time. And hopefully, next time I do the walling thing, I am facing the wave so I can hold out my hand.. More importantly, I don’t get surprised (that I am so cool hahahaha!) so I can take it as far as the wave takes me.

Anyway, it was rainy all Saturday so we didn’t get to take any photos. Sunday was sunny though. I should’ve worn my long-sleeved rash guard Sunday instead of Saturday. 😐

It’s my new Roxy boardshorts first time out on the beach by the way. Ryan got it for my birthday. It holds out just fine. Though it’s longer than my Liz Hurley ones and I’m not sure if that’s better. Will find out next time.