Lulu production poster

LULU by Frank Wedekind

LULU is a story of a person who has no qualms about the body and it’s sexual needs. Lulu, who is the alluring woman in the English version and the captivating transsexual in Filipino, is a being able to explore and express her desires without compromise or guilt. Adored and lusted by men, women and creatures of the world, she takes them to a dance of bodily freedom, of the mind’s liberation and of utter ecstasy. But like any other person, Lulu searches for the other that could accept and understand her seemingly deviant nature.

In her hunt, Lulu meets a myriad of “civilized beasts”: painters, writers, the educated and the ignorant, the rich and poor men, the young and the dying who are upright and honorable by day but transform to hungry animals in the dark. Lulu embraces each person only to find him or her weak and forever trapped by man’s idea of propriety.

Che Ramos and Tuxqs Rutaquio topbills the play as LULU.

Acey Aguilar, Angeli Bayani, Alexander Cortez, Jules de la Paz, Ian Lomongo, Jojit Lorenzo, Missy Maramara, Paolo O’hara, Meynard Penalosa, Andoy Ranay,Gabs Santos, JC Santos and Randy Villarama are included in the star studded cast.

Direction and Choreography: Dexter M. Santos

Filipino Translation: Joel Saracho

Production Design: Tuxqs Rutaquio

Lights Design: John Batalla

Dramaturgy and Additional Text: Patrick Valera

Sounds Design: J Victor Villareal

Photography and Poster Design: Jojit Lorenzo

Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, Palma Hall, UP Diliman.

16 August 7pm
19 August 7pm
21 August 7pm
23 August 10am

12 August 7pm – Opening
13 August 7pm
14 August 7pm – Gala
15 August 10am, 3pm
16 August 10am, 3pm
20 August 7pm
22 August 10am, 3pm
23 August 3pm