I frequent Cubao because of its relative proximity to where I now live. Before Cubao X was Cubao X, it was the Marikina Shoe Expo, and I frequented the Marikina Shoe Expo too because it was right beside the Cubao grand bus terminal where we took the buses to Bicol. I always said I am a Cubao girl.. just like my father was a Cubao boy. It was the place to go to before there was Ortigas and Makati.

I go to Mogwai often. Not to drink but because I love their desserts. I do not really go into the other shops that much. Except that the past weeks, I have been looking for dresses and shoes. I must say I have been a bit hooked on online shopping. I have been looking for dresses and shoes – and that is the only reason I went into the inconspicuous little store that is called STOiC – and I was in for a surprise.

I went in and casually went through the racks. Then I find a box on the floor in some corner and found a treasure chest.

I casually took a few pieces of clothing to try them on in their makeshift dressing room and as I was trying them on, my eyes fell on this little sign on the wall, right beside the unflattering mirror.

The Stoic store in Cubao X

The Stoic store in Cubao X


1. You’re fashion sense is relaxed. Calm. Unruffled.
2. You’re style is your own. Not too heavy on trends. Not conventional either.
3. People stare at you. And you don’t care.
4. You’re cool. And you’re unaffected.
5. You like reading this, but you don’t show it.

And I thought, this is it. I have found my store. I am officially STOiC.

Clothes rack and shoes inside the STOiC store

Clothes rack and shoes inside the STOiC store

Visit STOiC in Cubao Expo for your fashion fix. Loads of fab and tasteful tops, dresses, skirts and shorts from Bangkok, Hongkong, the US, Dash and Roxy Roco.


Shoes from Methilation (http://methilation.multiply.com),

Bags from Fofa (http://www.fofashion.net),

Accessories by Keri (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jazzzz/sets/72157604008846052/) and Jaja Bolos (http://jhajing.multiply.com)

Verve Sense Soothers (http://www.verve-lifestyle.com)

Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories at STOiC

Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories at STOiC

Operating Hours:
Tue, Wed & Thurs: 1:00PM – 8:30PM
Fri & Sat: 1:00PM – 9:30PM
Sun: 1:00PM – 8:00PM

Cubao Expo (previously Marikina Shoe Expo)
Araneta Center, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao
Quezon City

If you are at a loss and wondering how exactly you will be able to get there, here is a map to help you out.

On getting there

I took the photos off the multiply sites of STOiC and Methilation because I was not able (or more like did not bother) to take my own photos myself (even if I was toting my camera with me as is now a [new] habit of mine).

Happy shopping!