Some of us work so hard and hardly get a so-called social life. (I am not referring to myself of course because I manage to have a so-called social life and I don’t work.*straight face goes here*) That’s what movies like Kimmy Dora do: bring friends together for a night of dinner, movie, coffee and hanging out til the wee hours of the morning.

Of course, I saw that as an opportunity to test the new lens more.

And here are my favorite shots of the night.

Nick and Kalai

Nick and Kalai

Taken at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao right after the movie. Still testing the lens and what it can do. Love this photo. Pre-nup guyst? 😉

Kristelle and Jma

Telle and Jma

Kristelle whom we don’t get to see so much these days because of [hectic] work schedules and Janice. Fun and quirky these two are all the time!

Roma and Abet

Roma and Abet - just friends

Took a liking to this ceiling lamp Nick installed over their dining area…


Big eyes Roma

… which explains the barrage of photos taken under it. 🙂

Abet and Hash

Husband and wife Abet and Hash

… daddy and mommy too! 😛

Ktin, Roma-g and Abet

Nurse Ktin with these peeps from F.A., I mean, I.D...

Glad to have you back with us Ktin.. :*


Chef Summer

…and you too Sum.. Don’t get to see you a lot ever since you started culinary school. I miss you much, all the time and I love you forever and ever.


Relaxed and happy Kalai

Ryan and I love this photo. Go Ananda Kanani model!