There was a time when I was in search of something. An object, a thought or idea, an inspiration, an experience, anything that would actually bring meaning to my life. One of the things I found in my search was this:

People's Assembly for Genuine Alternatives to Social Apathy

People's Assembly for Genuine Alternatives to Social Apathy (PAGASA)

THE WORKSHOP OF HOPE is an emergent process for people who want to create significant, long-term change in the country and are willing to begin the change within themselves. This is a workshop of listening, speaking, visioning, and doing.

Believe it or not, it all started with an email from Benz Co-Rana in a yahoo e-group that I was then a member of, WeddingsAtWork.

She posted an email and a link to this article.

When I read it, these paragraphs really caught me.

For this country is a rich country — lots of fish around our 7,107 islands, ultra fertile soil that Fidel Ramos preferred to convert to golf courses so we would be importing rice from Thailand, gold, silver and copper that we have allowed the Americans and Australians to mine away. With a hardworking, intelligent well-mannered people who find that this system rewards the lazy, inept and greedy. Who study send their kids to study college so they can work abroad and flee this country. Where corruption has become the norm, and those who walk the straight and narrow path are called crazy.

We’re only poor because our national spirit is poor. We have not tapped into that national consciousness that strengthens us to face attacks, internal and global, squarely, resolutely, with confidence, with all the right moves.

We have found the Filipino’s resilience does not serve him well. This resilience is perceived by the rest of the world as weakness, our generosity as weakness.

For the sake of future generations, this self-abuse must stop.

I find that we keep saying “‘Sobra Na” which translates to “Too Much.” For Filipinos do not act until the last minute, when too much harm has been done, only when things become unbearable. That is simply wrong!

We think it’s patience, legendary, admirable patience. While others actually call it by its correct name, APATHY.

I found myself getting in touch with Dale Diaz, getting into the PAGASA website and even blogging about it in my old multiply site.

I made it to Angels Hills Retreat and Formation Center in Tagaytay by hitching a ride with a couple Dale found for me and who were going to the workshop too. I had such a wonderful and meaningful experience in that workshop that Nicky Perlas facilitated. I met a lot of people whom I dearly liked – people who were in fields not unlike mine and most importantly, people who were emotionally and intellectually very mature. People I needed. People who were just what I was looking for.

I have been really busy the past months and have not been as active in the group as I would have liked.

But I believe it is time for me to come back.

This Saturday, we will be here.  Nicky, Panjee, Dale, Raymond, Tyrone, Eric and Mae, I am coming back. Hope to see you. I have dearly missed you.



For more information on what this is all about, click here.