The very supportive friends we are, Nick, Kalai, Ktin, Ktin’s sister, Jma, Ryan and I headed out to Genre Bar in Cubao X for Roma, Amrei and John’s.. basically the band called Flush and the Toilets, gig one Saturday night.

Roma said they were going to be the first band to play at nine-thirty, but we found ourselves still hanging out at Mogwai until almost eleven. We went up to Genre Bar, which is basically the second floor of Alan’s Grill. We met Alan one time, a humid clear evening that was I remember. I was absolutely dressed down in a loose red shirt, a pair of shorts and lavender-painted toenails sticking out on my brown Havaianas (that my sister gave me for Christmas by the way, not something I bought myself because I only buy cheap stuff because I’m cheap like that). We were hanging out, sitting on these little chairs at a little table at that little place next to Alan’s Grill with a nice vibe and the ugliest menu I ever did see and the name of which I actually do not know, when Alan saw Ewok who was sitting in one of those little chairs with us. Alan who is apparently a dog-lover, spent like thirty minutes chatting with us about dogs and even showing us a video of his two shih-tzus.

Anyway, we came up to Genre Bar, and were basically the first people to arrive and thereby, of course, occupied the front table. The usual sound-check, the usual orders around the table and the usual photo-ops. It wasn’t long before the band started swinging.

Genre Bar: Flush and the Toilets

Flush and the Toilets: Amrei Dizon (vocals), Che Santos (guitar/drums), Roma Regala (bass) and John Villareal (guitar). Genre: Glam rock/90s

Check out Flush and the Toilet’s Multiply page and be a fan on Facebook.

When people started coming in, one of the first people to arrive, after us of course, was Meh, lead guitarist for the band Matilda. Nick, Kalai, Roma, Ktin, Jma and I met Meryl (Meh to us) back in the first semester of 2000, when we were all applicants for the organization that is the U.P. Repertory Company. Though the rest of us went on to become inducted members, Meh deferred on the second interview. She would always be the best applicant in our eyes though, with her always showing up with the best costumes during Hell Week. 😀 The last time I think I saw Meh was at her birthday celebration in 70s Bistro. Now almost nine years later, Meh and I are proud moms, but we are still the same – looking like we used to, acting like we used to. Ahh, always nice to see old friends!

Genre Bar: lead, Matilda

Matilda: Charms Tianzon (vox) Meryl Antonio-Reyes (guitars) Jovi Reyes (drums) Maricor Reyes (violin) Yvette Tunguia (bass)

For band info, check them out on Blogspot. (This is the only website I was able to find.) Though you may wanna check out Charms’s Multiply page for some info.

By this time, the batteries on the camera were already failing us so we decided not to take anymore pictures. Until this band came onstage, with the coolest-looking girl with the nicest eyes and teeth (that is just my opinion because I am biased like that) and started playing this music that Ryan hated but I liked. Hahaha. Then I noticed that there was a crowd of photographers around the small stage. So I scooted over to where Meh was sitting and asked, “Who is this band? Why the sudden clamor of photographers around the stage?” and Meh said, “The Late Isabel. Wawi Navarozza, famous artist and photographer, on vocals.” And so I went, “Oh okay,” and scooted back to where I was sitting, gave the camera to Ryan and said, “Makiuso tayo. Kuha ka rin!” Hahahahaha!

Genre Bar: The Late Isabel

The Late Isabel: WAWI NAVARROZA, vox ALLAN HERNANDEZ, guitars ROVAL BACALE, bass J.P. AGCAOILI, drums Genre: Rock/Post-punk

And so that is how we ended up with photos of this band. Also, that is how we ended up exhausting all the batteries and no more pictures of the bands playing after.

Check them out on their old Geocities site, on their Myspace page and on their Multiply page. You can also be a fan on Facebook. It is also quite interesting to check out Wawi Navarozza’s Flickr.

Here is the event’s official poster I suppose, which I got from Charms’s Multiply page. I don’t remember seeing Sugar Hiccup though.

Random Lunacy Productions Presents Feed the ID! A Tribute to Struggling Artists

Random Lunacy Productions Presents Feed the ID! A Tribute to Struggling Artists

So sadly, we don’t have any photos of The Brew, Chubibo and The Discoball.

Doc Urbino of The Brew and Chubibo did the music with the U.P. Underground Community for U.P. Rep’s Damas de Noche The Musical back in 2006 and 2007. It is indeed fun to see old and familiar faces.

We were supposed to leave early to go meet up Ryan’s friends from high school somewhere in Timog but Nick said, Dan was coming. It has been quite some time since I last saw Dan. I think I saw him last back in 2007, when we did Ogie Braga’s Sa Pagdating ng Barbaro for Virgin Labfest 3 (Scroll to the very end of the article for the photo hahaha). So we stayed. They were the last band to play too. But it was well worth it. Bheng Densing on vocals is crazily funny and Dan is just too cute! I love you Dan Geromo! Hahaha!

Click here to be a fan of The Discoball on Facebook.

And here are the photos from another wonderful night out of music with friends.