Going out these days to hang out with my friends in such places as Mogwai or to such events as gigs in Genre Bar, I realize how big my world is. I know a lot of people from college days. I know a lot of people from those days when I was still very much in the entertainment scene. I have friends who play in bands, friends who make independent and even mainstream films, friends who write for TV and film as well as for stage, friends who act in movies, television and theatre, friends who do production design, lights design, stage design, friends who make animations, friends who are professional photographers, friends who direct television shows, movies and plays, friends who teach, friends involved in science and are involved in environmental concerns, friends who are doctors, friends who are into travel, and friends who are in the corporate world. I have been around. Sometimes I think I am everywhere.

There was a time when I thought my world was becoming too big and too fast for me to handle. A time when I thought I was not mature enough to be living my life. A time when I withdrew into my own shell simply because I thought I was not prepared to live the life I was living or where it was heading.

Now years later, my world is coming back to me and I am coming back to it. One evening last week, I took a step back , like I sometimes do, to look at how my life is and where it is heading. Years, careers, a wedding, a dog, four to five homes, a child, many islands, many friends and a whole lot of experiences later, I think I have grown enough to live this life and it is time I do.



This blog entry was scheduled for publish. Who would’ve thought we would be hit with a storm over the weekend?