The 8-copy boxed set of Sookie Stackhouse novels arrived today at about three in the afternoon. Boy, that was fast considering that I only made it known that I wanted it six days ago. I am quite impressed now with Amazon and UPS. Ryan was really sweet to purchase it for me, a good chunk off his Amazon GC which he got from speaking at the blog conference at Trend Micro. We had initially thought it was going to get here, since the warehouse is in Canada, early to mid-November but the shipping which I believe had cost him an additional $9.00, had been fast and efficient and he had actually given me, excitedly of course, with an update of where the package was almost everyday.

I had actually plowed through the first five novels in its pdf form in a record time of two days, an activity which gave me a bad eyesore, like my eyeballs were gonna pop out of their sockets at any minute, much to my regret. Ryan had said, “Buti nga sayo,” to which I could do nothing more but concur. Gosh, I guess I have really missed reading much.

Lia too had excitedly plowed through the package.

Mad scramble over Tray for the Sookie Stackhouse novels

Mad scramble over Puglee to get to the books

She had shown her appreciation too by giving the boxed set a good lick-through.

Lia licking Sookie Stackhouse novels boxed set

Lick it good!

Can-i-have-these-books-someday Lia

Can I have these someday?

If I knew how to use the Photoshop more than adjust curves and levels, I would have made her saliva in this photo the color of red, just to go with the theme.

True Saliva (hahahaha!)

True Saliva


As a side-note, this morning we finally made it to our new pediatrician, whom I have found that I liked very much. True, she was two hours late for her clinic hours in Marikina, saying she could not get away from St. Luke’s fast enough and had made Ryan miss his lunch meeting with his German boss who is in the country (a thing I am more than sorry and embarrassed for). It is a Monday after all. We did not make it to the clinic last Saturday as Ryan had been sick the entire weekend. It had been really hard going around without a car since we have not heard from the mechanics yet, and we had to take taxis back and forth. It was really difficult to find a cab in the sweltering, relentless midday sun and I actually found myself at one point sitting in the curb, the heavy, sleeping Lia in my aching arms. (I was tempted to hold out my hands and say, “Palimos po.”) We finally got home, exhausted, only to find out that the cell phone I had in my shorts pocket had slipped off and had been, I believe, left in the backseat of the taxi. My point here I suppose is, I have lost my cell phone, the almost 500 contacts I have in my phone book and my Globe number which I have had for I-cant-remember-how-many years. Gosh, it might still even be the sim card that went with my N-Gage phone which I purchased in 2003.