Wow, I remember this album. I got it for my 14th birthday. It was on cassette tape. A friend from Ateneo de Naga gave it to me. Was it the day or the day before or the day after, I have quite forgotten (sorry! hahaha!), my birthday and he and and another friend of his came over to my house in Pili with this gift. That was really sweet. I actually have this big smile on my face while I’m writing this.

And this was my song for Ryan, back in 2000. Cheesy!!!! Hahahaha. This was the song used for the AVP of the pre-nup photos taken by Gel Motilla for our October 2006 wedding.

Forgiven Not Forgotten (1995) Track Listing

1. “Erin Shore” [traditional intro, instrumental] – 0:27
2. “Forgiven Not Forgotten” – 4:15
3. “Heaven Knows” – 4:18
4. “Along With the Girls” [instrumental] – 0:49
5. “Someday” (The Corrs, Foster) – 3:51
6. “Runaway” – 4:24
7. “The Right Time” – 4:07
8. “The Minstrel Boy” [instrumental] – 2:12
9. “Toss the Feathers” [instrumental] – 2:50
10. “Love to Love You” – 4:08
11. “Secret Life” – 4:31
12. “Carraroe Jig” [instrumental] – 0:52
13. “Closer” – 4:05
14. “Leave Me Alone” – 3:40
15. “Erin Shore” [instrumental] – 4:14

I have Forgiven not Forgotten (1995), Talk on Corners (1997), In Blue (2000) and The Corrs Unplugged (1999). After In Blue, I became increasingly disgusted with their music and have not purchased any of their succeeding albums. Ryan got me the unplugged cd for Valentine’s Day (I think? hahahaha!) and it was one of my favorite albums to listen to while I was in El Nido. I and my friend and co-teacher Eric, would sit outside the house and he would play “Everybody Hurts” on his guitar for me.

I suppose this is another of those trips down memory lane. Excuse me for not forgetting.