A play to me is invariably a social event. Though sometimes it is just a bit of a social event and sometimes very much a social event depending largely on how many friends I get to see or chat with before, during and after the performance.

The Madonna Brava ng Mindanao performance last Friday, October 9th, turned out to be a very much of a social event for me. For that I was very grateful for Nick inviting me to come watch with him and Anj.

Going through the usual Friday night traffic all the way from Eastwood where I picked Ryan up from work all the way to CCP in Roxas Boulevard was time-consuming. I left the house at about five thirty in the afternoon and arrived with Ryan on a taxi in CCP at about seven forty-five. We paid the cab driver P300.

The first person I saw was Babit de Luna standing in the inner lobby and holding a ticket for the opening night of A Streetcar Named Desire. Yes, the English version, with Ana Abad Santos and Meryl Soriano in it. I was there to catch Madonna Brava, since it had two nights left in its run, and the two versions of Streetcar would have to wait for some other time. I hope that it would either be not on a Friday night or we would have had the car back by then. He told me Tony Mabesa had required them to watch and introduced me to another graduate student he was standing with.

Ryan came to me pointing excitedly towards the end of the other side of the lobby and there was Katte Sabate standing there in a long black dress, her long, curly, fabulous hair marvelously trailing behind her. I went over to give her a hug. I had not seen her since that July night at Taumbayan, a small cozy place somewhere in Timog. Behind her were Eric de la Cruz and Olive Nieto making funny remarks about Ryan. I waved and smiled at John Victor Villareal.

We went out of the lobby to hang out and shortly thereafter, Nick and Angeli Bayani got off a cab.