Since her mother is always on the laptop, it is only natural that she would be interested in whatever her mother does on the laptop all the time. She now types and clicks on the mouse. She even makes a habit of unplugging the power cord off the laptop when her mother is on the computer and ignoring her. Her doting father took these photos.

Lia typing on the laptop

October 11, 2009 on her father's work laptop

The comforter and Ilocos blankets are such an eyesore in this photo. Wish I can photoshop them away. Harhar. She also has this little scratch on the side her left eye.

Lia's mom is a hero

My mother('s womb) is a hero - coz that's where I'm from


And thank goodness, these days I can be found reading books more than typing or clicking away in front of the laptop. I would much rather love to instill a love for books and reading in her than find her pre-school teacher telling me she refuses to learn to write or practice writing, saying “Why learn to write when I can type? And I can type really well too! I even chat with my papa when he is at work!”

Yes, teach by example. In that case, I might be finding myself with a violin in hand soon since I want her to play the violin instead of the piano as I had. 😐