On a trip to Quiapo one gray afternoon, I decided to tote my camera around, regardless of how dangerous that actually was. I wanted to be able to take a photo just in case something caught my attention. I just prayed of course this desire was not gonna cost me thousands of pesos (as is the cost of a camera) along with the loss of pride and dignity.

I took a tricycle to the other village gate, the one in what is now known as Felix Avenue though more popularly still known as Imelda Avenue. Actually, I just like going there so I can catch a glimpse of those really cute Mini Coopers they are restoring in a little shop from across the gate. I took a jeep to Cubao that was half-empty.

I surveyed my fellow passengers for possible suspicious activity before I took the camera out. Someone snatching it or pointing a knife at me is the last on my mind.

Jeepney Decor and Direction for how to make the driver stop

Jeepney Driver

Jeep Destination Sign From the Inside.. on Reverse

Had to wait for stops to get these shots.

Those shots were the only ones I managed to take. So afraid was I to take my camera out in the crowded little streets and plaza of Quiapo. I could have if I were not alone. Maybe some other time. There will be plenty of other times.