First of all, I arrived late. It was a Friday afternoon and as in all Friday afternoons, traffic was busier than at any day of the week. I hailed a taxi and after seeing how bad the traffic was at Katipunan Avenue, asked the cab driver to take a longer route via Anonas, through Sikatuna and U.P. Villages and upon emerging at C.P. Garcia saw that traffic was bumper to bumper there, ended up taking University Avenue to get to the campus. I thought, if I had endured the traffic in Katipunan Avenue, I probably would have arrived sooner – but then I thought, and this was like some sort of inspired thought mind you, “Some days you make a wrong decision and you just have to live with it.”  No sense in being angry at myself or at anything else for that matter. An inspired thought that would echo itself all throughout the day or night… or perhaps even days or weeks or months to come.

At any other day I would be cursing myself and saying FML too, but I realized negative thoughts and feelings like that do not do much good.

Anyway, I ended up taking a seat somewhere near what was considered another backstage in the in-the-round blocking that Mara chose and realized that it was the worst possible seat to take – proven true by the photos I took.

These three were the best shots I managed to take. Yes, just three. No offense to anyone.. but myself perhaps. Some of them have the faces of the actors over-exposed and I couldn’t do anything about them, post-processing wise. Hohum.

Closer play 1

Anna and Dan

Closer play 2

Zaf Masahud as Dan

Closer play 3

Olive Nieto as Anna

Anyway, I’m wondering right now if I ever get to post that blog about friendship that I came up with after that fateful Friday? Maybe not. It was not such a nice one.

All I remember from that day was that I stood around like a wallflower for maybe an hour. Then, not by choice, I took a jeep to Katipunan Avenue, hoping to hail a cab that would take me to Eastwood. When I got there, I found myself just one among the very many trying to do the same. (Hail a cab that is, though I’m sure not all of them were trying to get to Eastwood.) I walked from Starbucks to Bo’s – where at that point I finally accepted that hailing a cab would have to wait and got into the coffee shop to sit out almost two hours – just waiting for traffic to improve.

Suffice it to say that some friendships are not worth all the effort. Perhaps those are not real friendships at all.