Flipping through a Smile magazine while out having a Mocha Frost in Figaro at The Brick Road, resting from another shopping expedition for the Christmas tree project, a Donna Summer song blasting out of the speakers from an aerobics workout at the gym on the second floor, I thought about how long it has been since I last was on an airplane. I miss traveling.  I think it won’t be long now before I could [probably] go out on a trip by myself. The question is more like whether I would want to. I would probably have a really hard time sleeping even for one night without my daughter.

The Christmas tree project is turning out to be an expensive one. I have never made one myself and all on my own and I wouldn’t still, if only I didn’t have a daughter who deserves a Christmas tree for her first ever Christmas. It’s my first Christmas tree too and I am learning a lot. Next year  I think I will start conceptualizing months ahead and maybe cut down on costs by making the ornaments myself. It would also be a great activity for Lia and me.  Decorating for Christmas is just really expensive. The six-foot tree is now worth P5,500. I can’t say I’m too happy about that.

The past days I have been spending money like I make any. I spent two thousand on shoes though I can hardly be blamed for that. I have not bought a pair of shoes in two years and I had to throw out almost half of the few pairs I own in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy. I have been mostly hoarding scrapbooking stuff for the baby’s scrapbook – and buying clothes, like I have opportunities for wearing them as I probably go out like once a week. Hah-hah-hah! I went crazy at the bazaar last night. I can’t seem to get enough of dresses and cool t-shirts.

2010 seems like a promising year. I have lots in line for next year. That’s something since I spent the past years not knowing what I should and will be doing. I am excited about 2010.

I have to put a stop to this endless spending. It’s not like I make money myself. At least today seemed like a productive day. I still have the Donna Summer song playing in my head and totally feeling it too. I have been really bad with all this procrastination and now I’m really bad with all this shopping, valid excuses or not.

This song is making me want to take up aerobics too. That is just so so bad.