Christmas tree 2009

Lia's blue Christmas tree.. missing its star. Lia is the star!

Yes, Lia is indeed the star of this Christmas tree. It has all our favorite photos of her in it. Ryan loves the idea of having all our favorite photos of Lia hanging on the tree. Lia’s first ever Christmas tree for her first ever Christmas.

It took a lot of printer ink but well, what the heck, I have never had any of her photos printed ever so I’m allowed to print away. 😉

Christmas tree 2009 details

A close-up of the tree. It looks pretty with all the shining shimmering ornaments and the ribbons that I made myself. The store clerks told me I could have them make the ribbons for each roll of ribbon I buy. Each roll cost >P100 and each roll makes one ribbon. So I said, what the heck! Give me that shiny blue ribbon that costs P200 and I’ll make all the ribbons myself. I made 18 in all. 😉 Gosh, I’m so proud of myself. Hahaha! It only took a YouTube video to learn how to do the ribbons. Well, the video I watched was absolutely boring so I am not too keen on posting a link to it. Thank you YouTube anyway! 😀

When we first put up the ornament-free tree, Lia was so scared of it. She wouldn’t even go near the tree. But after we decorated it, made it prettier, and she saw that her Mama was all over the tree and that the best part of it is that it has her pretty face all over it, she has now since overcame that fear. Lia now recognizes her face in photos and in mirrors. She also kisses herself in the mirror. Funny, crazy kid. (I absolutely love her!)

This is how she helped in decorating the tree.

DSC_1787 copy

DSC_1792 copy

DSC_1793 copy

DSC_1794 copy

DSC_1798 copy

DSC_1803 copy

And she is indeed the star of our tree, and the star of our lives, that is why her name is Trellia. It means “star”. 🙂

But I will find that big shiny bright star to put on top of the tree. I still have not find it yet but I will. I did find a blue angel but I think that’s just scary.. an angel on top of the tree. 😐