We made our way to Rockwell on the last of the two-day Global Pinoy Bazaar that I was so raring to go to. It took a lot of effort too mind you, at least to me. I was feeling energy-less that day (oh more so the day before) but this bazaar was something I was definitely not going to miss.. and with good reason.

Taxi dropped us off a short walk away from the bazaar entrance.

Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent

First booths we saw were of the Yabang Pinoy advocates. Already went crazy but fought off the urge to buy the first thing I got my hands on. Ryan had to sort of drag me away from the way-too-cool t-shirts, bags, stickers and journals. We arrived in the middle of the program so I could hear Ali Sangalang reading a poem in the background amidst cheers from friends and supporters. 😉

We got to the tent entrance and was told there was an entrance fee of P100. That almost turned me off because I could not get the idea of having to pay so you could get inside a bazaar where you will (ideally) do nothing but purchase; but I figured we already made our way there and we might as well go inside. (Will someone tell me though what this entrance fee is for because I was not paying attention..)

Global Pinoy Bazaar tickets

They also gave us these….

Global Pinoy magazine

Upon closer look of the Yabang Pinoy magazine/pamphlet cover I realized that its a photo of a “Takatak” with cigarettes in it. Hmmmm… Couldn’t they have found a better photo or item without seemingly advertising smoking? (I read the magazine and thought, couldn’t they have found some other thing?)

Went about the OC-way through the bazaar. Saw lots of awesome cool things at every turn. Saw people I knew like Jasmine Mendiola whom I had a play with, Tanghalang Ateneo back in 2003; like Kabbie and Mitor whom we went to Coron with in June 2008 and went to a few TF house parties with; and even saw Paula Peralejo manning or hanging out at a booth. (I used to see her at the CASAA in U.P.Dil)

Saw lots of clothes and shoes that I just wanted to get, all of them, hahaha, except of course I’m not wealthy like that. 😉 And then in one corner I see Momo shoes. The uber-cool Momo shoes that I absolutely could just not resist, I just had to try one on.. and I never really try anything on unless I am absolutely into buying. I picked this one out! Ibong Adarna shoes! Aren’t they totally gorgeous?!:D

With all the other Momos!

After the first shot was taken, I realized two things. One, we forgot to bring the 18-135mm lens and was gonna get by with the 50mm. Two, I got there without combing my hair! Hahahahaha! I took a shower some time in the afternoon, put my hair up without combing in a tight bun right away to keep it away from Lia, took care of Lia and fell asleep with her for an hour or so, got dressed after waking up and took off.

So that is how I ended up with this hair when I went over to buy a dress at a booth a few steps away from Momo’s. I had wanted another blue dress, but well, I could only afford one so I made Ryan pick out which. I still keep thinking about that bright blue dress though. Maybe I will make it all the way to The Ruins where they said they have a shop. Love their loose dresses!

Fitting out a Frou Frou dress

This I suppose is one of those rare moments I have my face not angled to either right or left, which one of my friends just had to point out one time. 😛 And so, this is how my face looks like when it’s not angled to either side. You can see my dimples, both of them, and even the little ones at the corners of my mouth. All these dimples Lia got. Yes, my daughter might look like Ryan but she has got my eyes and all of my dimples. Hooorah!

I can’t seem to find the site or any other information or link to this shop… Too bad. I loved loved their clothes.

After losing and finding Ryan, and chatting a bit with Kabbie and Mitor, we made our way down to the area where there were lots of stuff for kids. Went absolutely crazy there too.

A tiny weeny shirt for my Milkaholic niece

Ryan saw this shirt from Lalaughka and thought of my niece Marielle. I just had to get it for her. I hope she likes it! 😉 I had wanted to get some blocks for my nephew Sean from Loot Fairy but cash was running low. 😐

Urban dad with the Urban baby onesie

Kabbie and Mitor showed us the onesie they got from Urban Baby and we thought we should get one for Lia too! A Future Aktibista onesie for the true-blue U.P. baby. Though we were never real activists. 😐 I don’t understand why there should be a generalization. Sure, Ryan is an alumnus of some [famous] fraternity. Sure, I am a U.P. Repertory Company alumna, but I have never been to any rally. And that was absolutely my choice…

Anyway, visit the Urban Baby Multiply site to see more of these funky baby clothes and how to get your son/daughter/niece/nephew/inaanak/neighbor’s baby one. 😛

Emerging from the exit doors, we came upon food booths. Famished, I was into getting some food but more into trying to get back to the Yabang Pinoy booths to buy something before they closed. I made Ryan buy some delicious-looking cupcakes from Beehive.

The Beehive box of goodies

The Beehive at the Global Pinoy Bazaar

The Beehive goodies
Visit The Beehive’s Multiply site to see more of these yummy goodies and how to get your hands on one!

We made our way back to the front to finally make some purchases. There were some interesting t-shirts we wanted to look at again. I finally gave in to the Agos wallets. I bought myself a CamSur decorated blue one, to replace my Guess? wallet that I bought five, yes, five years ago! Wow, is that not amazing?! Hahahaha!

New wallet with the Agos peeps
I made the Agos peeps, with their Yabang Pinoy ID lanyards, pose with me. 😉

And of course, a photo opportunity to show off those Yabang Pinoy bands.
Agos - Yabang Pinoy advocates

Agos Shirts
Took a photo of that shirt we so wanted to get except that we wanted them in black instead of white. For the surfer dude and dudette in us. They told us they will come up with black tees, as per request, and would get in touch with us. Sure, sure! We’d love to have them t-shirts!

Yabang Pinoy booth

Mayabang siya talaga :P

Finally, one last photo. And no that is not John Lloyd. Hahahaha! 😛

We really had a blast at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. Looking forward to next year! Actually, looking forward to the next bazaar! 😀


Momo Custom Design Shoes

The Urban Baby

Lalaughka Inc.
2nd Floor, Stall 112 Fashion Bazaar A Market-Market, Taguig
info@worldofwacky.com OR website at www.lalaughka.com
On Facebook: World of Wacky Group

Agos Pilipinas

The Beehive

Cheers and more power to local products!